Friday, January 4, 2013


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Don't have a Zoya account yet? Sign up here under my referral and get a code for a FREE Zoya polish... you can't use it with other promo codes BUT if you buy 2 MORE polishes you get free shipping :]

Monday Jan. 7th - Sunday Jan. 13th
****Apparently it's up and running NOW (1/4)!!!****

Use promo code: ZOYA2013 to get 3 FREE nail polishes of YOUR CHOICE (excluding the PixiDust and Lovely Collections).

Get ALL THREE POLISHES FOR FREEEEE, and ONLY pay $10 in processing and shipping charges, $10 for 3 bottles of Zoya? That's less than $3.50/bottle, HECK YEAH!

EVEN BETTER?! Receive FREE Shipping*** with any Zoya or Qtica purchase of $25 or more (same code)!

You can find out more info about this promo on their blog post, here.

Not quite sure what to get? Here's a list of some of my favorite Zoya nail polishes, no order, I have a LOT of Zoya haha and these are some I'd totally buy again if I ran out:

Red- Sooki
Pink - Blaze,  Astra, Tiffany
Orange - Paz, Rica, Arizona
Yellow - Pippa
Green - Logan,  Yara, Gemma, Ivanka, Bevin, Wednesday
Blue - Kirsten,  Crystal, Robyn, Cynthia, Song, Fei Fei, Marina, Charla, Zuza
Purple - Aurora, Nova,  MiMi, Daul, Faye, Kendal, Caitlin
Gold - Ziv, Goldie
Silver - Trixie
Grey - Dove
Neutral - Cho

Anddd anything from The Gloss Collex.

Have a nice night! :D


  1. my husband says i can only get 3 this time and i cannot for the life of me decide! im down to kimber, sienna, mimi, aurora & zuza... any suggestions? im looking at swatches on thepolishaholic and its not helping (they're all so pretty!)

    1. Hmmm I say DEF Aurora! I'm personally a big fan of Zuza and Mimi xP


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