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PURE ICE: Underwears for 2013 PART I (Five-Some, Monte Carlo, Party Hard, Ruffled Sheets, Twist and Shout)

Pin It So I've had these Pure Ice polishes to review for awhile, I think they got mixed into other untrieds and I skipped over them - OOPS!

After doing some other reviews I promised to push through I decided to get these done fast! Today's a good day too! Why? Because Pure Ice released yesterday a list of 29 polishes they're adding to their permanent line in 2013. But why?! BECAUSE some of these polishes were Limited Editions and now have been added to their permanent line under new names or there are similar ones that replaced them! :D

There are a total of 12 polishes, so I'm splitting this up into 2 part - hence why I blurred the bottom half out ;] hahaha  So jump over, I got swatches!
Top (L->R): Five-Some, Twist and Shout, Playtime
Bottom (L->R): Party Hard, Ruffled Sheets, Monte Carlo

All these swatches were done without top coat. Undies were specified as used.

Pure Ice Ruffled Sheets

Pure Ice Ruffled Sheets

Ruffled Sheets is part of their Runway Collection, Velour Finish line. It has a velour finish, which is super pretty! I picked up a good chunk of all the Velour Finishes in store, somehow I missed this one though.  I did 3 coats of Ruffled Sheets, I had some balding on the tips of my nails (or else I could of gotten away with 2). It had a smooth application though, no issues with this one!

Here's the glitter I paired with it:
Pure Ice Ruffled Sheets with Twist and Shout

Pure Ice Ruffled Sheets with Twist and Shout

This would be a super cool 4th of July day manicure without getting too complicated! Twist and Shout is a mix of red micro glitter, red and blue hexes. I did 1 coat over Ruffled Sheets. No application issues or anything with this one! 

Twist and Shout was LE but has a simliar sister polish being added to their 2013 collection called Freedom. Freedom will be just like Twist and Shout but includes silver star glitter. I'm sure if you liked T&S's look you can try to avoid the stars haha

Pure Ice Party Hard

Pure Ice Party Hard

Please excuse the silver along the sides of my nails, I scrubbed the crap out of the sides and nothing would do. It really liked my nails! 

ANYWAY! Party Hard is a dark navy creme polish. This quickly made it to top of my favorite mainstream polish list. Why?
1) It's a one coater
2) It's a navy blue that didn't stain my nails, base coat or not
Who could ask for more? A smooth application? You got it, dude! I'm not sure if this is part of their permanent line or one of the LE's, I couldn't find this polish on their website period. But, if you're looking for the perfect navy creme, this is it!

Here's the glitter I chose to pair it with:

Pure Ice Party Hard with Playtime

Pure Ice Party Hard with Playtime

I have a thing for navy blue and gold, so this was kind of a duh to me! Not just because my husband is Navy, I've ALWAYS loved blue and gold haha such a great contrast. Playtime is gold and copper colored micro glitter. I liked this glitter more than I thought it would. Personally, I can see me doing a lot of detailing with this in nail art. I did 2 coats of Playtime over Party Hard. Again, no issues with this one! 

Playtime is no longer available under the name "Playtime" it is being reintroduced this year as Bare It All.  I don't understand that name for this polish hahahaha, not my job though!

Pure Ice Monte Carlo

Pure Ice Monte Carlo

HOLD THE PHONE. THERE IS PINK ON MY NAILS!  Monte Carlo is a bright, fuchsia creme polish. Pure Ice says it's a creme, however, I think it's a crelly. I mean, look at that finish! I did 2 coats of Monte Carlo. No issues with application everything was smooth and great.

Monte Carlo is being renamed and released under the name Speechless this year.

Here's the glitter I tried to layer over Monte Carlo haha

Pure Ice Five-Some

Pure Ice Five-Some

As you can see from the side, I TRIED to layer it over Monte Carlo lmao. Five-Some is a lot more opaque than I was planning!  Pure Ice Five-Some is a "gray base with multi micro glitter". More specifically... fuchsia, blue and gold glitter. I also think the base is more black than grey. I did 2 coats, the first coat was too streaky to be worn on it's own or to be layered over another color (as I learned). No issues with this one though!

This was a LE but, Five-Some is being renamed to Private Show for 2013. I was thinking "hmmm this looks a lot like Butter London The Black Knight", The Black Knight wasn't for me so I swapped it sometime last year haha! Here's a comparison by another blogger though. If you don't click through my honest opinion is you don't need both. OR if you're wanting the BL, don't splurge - buy the $2 version haha.

In general, if I didn't mention, I didn't have any issues with any of these polishes. Application and dry time was great for all of these polishes, and all polishes I've tried by Pure Ice. I remember using Pure Ice polishes when I was a lot younger, I'm talking elementary school, and I'm glad I revisited this brand because I'm seriously impressed by these $2 polishes! :]

Again, some of these polishes (and more) are being re-released under new names for 2013 and added to their permanent line. You can find the entire list of new polishes, along with the names of polishes they are replacing, here.

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Price: $1.97
Where to Find: Walmart
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Have a good afternoon :]
These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. Yay! Gorgeous swatches! I buy a lot of Pure Ice, I love the price and they are pretty good about creating dupes to more expensive brands. When I saw Sugar Cookie @ Walmart I so had to buy it, Julep O Canada is one of my faves but it's so thick and goopy! The Pure Ice formula is alot easier to work with. And thanks, now I must buy Five-some! I ogled over it at Walmart for a good 5 minutes, I thought it was a bl dupe but I don't have black knight to compare it to. Now if they will start making Deborah Lippmann dupes my life will be complete :)

  2. Nice swatches! I adore the pink :D

  3. Playtime/Bare It All looks like it could be a dupe for the new Cult Nails glitter Blaze.


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