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MAKEUP YOUR FACE: Valentine's Day Collection

Pin It Ready for some more Valentine's Day polish?! I knowwwww you are!

You know I was a fan of yesterday's V-Day polishes, sans the holiday ;] Well, I'm a bigger fan of these! These are 4 polishes by Makeup Your Face. I know y'all have seen me rave about this brand before. Because, honestly, she does good work every time. And these have truly been some of her best! When I thought I couldn't be impressed by Lauren any more.... she did it!

Swatches and review after the jump

Top: Makeup Your Face {Be You} Anti V-Day Party and Treat Yourself
Bottom: Makeup Your Face {Be Loved} Be Mine, Valentine and No Flowers, Just Polish

This Valentine's Collection is split into 2 parts, The Be You Set and the Be Loved Set. You can buy them as duos, single or the entire 4 polish set.

First, we'll take a look at the Be Loved Set of the Collection:

Makeup Your Face Be Mine, Valentine

Makeup Your Face Be Mine, Valentine

Makeup Your Face Be Mine, Valentine

Be Mine, Valentine is "a shimmery clear base polish with red metallic hexagons and shreds as well as pink & white hearts".  Just about the epitome of a Valentine's polish, huh?! It reminds me of diamonds and pearls on Valentine's Day. Yes, it could be layered but, I kinda like the look of it on it's own.

I did 3 coats of BMV. The glitter shreds coverage is good, the hearts aren't too bad to get out (but, I wasn't trying haha) and dry time is the best out of the 4 I'm showing you today.

And the 2nd half of the Be Loved Set is:

Makeup Your Face No Flowers, Just Polish

Makeup Your Face No Flowers, Just Polish 
Makeup Your Face No Flowers, Just Polish 

No Flowers, Just Polish (can't agree more! Haha) is a "red based polish with scattered holographic dust, iridescent glitter of 3 sizes, pink glitter and pink holographic with white hexagons. It also contains pink & white hearts". I like this more than I expected, the glitter mix and the jelly play very well together.

I did 2 coats of NFJP. It was more opaque than I was planning for, which made me happy! If you don't have patience for jelly dry time - I suggest you try Makeup Your Face's jellies. Truly one of the fastest drying jelly Indies I've tried! Glitter coverage is great and hearts aren't too hard to get out (again, I wasn't trying!).

Next is the Be You half of the collection:

Makeup Your Face Anti V-Day Party over Revlon Peach Petal

Makeup Your Face Anti V-Day Party over Revlon Peach Petal

Makeup Your Face Anti V-Day Party over Revlon Peach Petal

This was my 2nd favorite. The mix is just AWESOME! This is a glitter to write home about. Anti V-Day Party is "a huge array of multi-colored glitters in all shapes and sizes in a sea of black hexagons and squares". Black, gold, pink, fuchsia, purple, blue, green, red, yellow and more! Oh my, there's a lot of color going on here!

I did 2 coats over Revlon Peach Petal. The coverage was spot on, no dipping and dabbing for this one. Dry time was good, but I suggest you wait between coats to prevent dragging. :)

Last but not least, the 2nd half of the Be You Set:

Makeup Your Face Treat Yourself

Makeup Your Face Treat Yourself

Makeup Your Face Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself is a"milky ever so slightly pink-ish polish with tons of magenta hexagons and squares with a sprinkling of light blue and teal glitters". I'm mad at Lauren. She knows it too bahaha! She's made me LOVE a white based glitter polish. No one has done that since Pretty and Polished Jawbreaker back in March '12. Okay it's sliiiiightly pink BUT I find it more white ;]

This was 2 coats, no undies. It has great glitter coverage, opaqueness and dry time. Lauren did this white based right. It isn't clumpy, it has a perfect smooth application. It also doesn't take a day and a half to dry, you know how some white polishes are!

Like I mentioned above: you can buy them in 2 part sets, individually or the entire 4 piece collection! Get your V-day on! :P

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Makeup Your Face
Website | Facebook | Blog
Price: $7.75+ full size and $4.25 minis
Where to Find: Etsy
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Hope ya'll are having a good weekend!

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