Wednesday, January 2, 2013

POLISH ADDICT: Candy Crush, Winter Wonderland and Organic Cuticle Oil in Sweet Tart

Pin It Happy Hump Day ya'll! Sorry I didn't post yesterday :[ If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I had septoplasty done on New Years Eve. All this pain and pain killers has made me super tired! So I wasn't purposely ignoring posting, I've just been super out of it. I'm getting behind on my reading for my MTE course too >.< *sigh* But I'm fine so no worries! Just kinda a messy recovery! Best part is after 23 years, I can finally breathe out of 2 nostrils haha it's the strangest thing EVER!

Anyways! Here is my first actual post of 2013!

Polish Addict (L->R): Candy Crush, Winter Wonderland and Organic Cuticle Oil

Today I have 2 polishes and some cuticle oil by Polish Addict to review for you! I think I've said 1003249707023857203x I'm over white based glitter polishes, but I think this one might be my exception. I think it's because it's the only white based glitter polish that isn't multicolored glitter I have owned/reviewed.

Swatches and review after the jump!

Here's a quick look at the bottles:

Polish Addict Candy Crush (top) and Winter Wonderland (bottom)

First up I have Candy Crush:

Polish Addict Candy Crush over Ulta Celebutante

Polish Addict Candy Crush over Ulta Celebutante

Polish Addict Candy Crush over Ulta Celebutante

Polish Addict Candy Crush over Ulta Celebutante

Anyone play Candy Crush app or on Facebook? That's exactly what I think of LOL! Candy Crush is a mix of different colored and different sized glitter. A CRAZY amount and combo of glitter, probably every color imaginable haha. Tiny micro glitter all the way up to large square glitter (always my favorite glitter shape).

I did 1 coat of Candy Crush over Ulta Celebutante, which allowed all the colors to pop without drowning one of them. It had a smooth application, good dry time, and definitely no dipping and dabbing needed.

My only concern for this polish is the possibility of the base color of Candy Crush not looking so awesome over other polish colors.

Next is Winter Wonderland:

Polish Addict Winter Wonderland

Polish Addict Winter Wonderland

Polish Addict Winter Wonderland

Polish Addict Winter Wonderland

I feel like I'm white based glittered out. Seriously. And I feel like there's one popping up everyday! I actually ended up liking this one! I think it's because it's not a bunch of multicolored glitter or neon glitter like I've seen in the past. Winter Wonderland is a white based polish filled with various shapes and sizes of green, blue, and navy blue glitter. There is small hex and square, some medium sizes in between and then large hexes.

I did 3 coats, no undies because I wanted to give it a layered look. The dry time was decent, I wish I would of waited a bit more in between coats though. Glitter had great coverage, no need to dig for larger pieces of glitter!

Onto the cuticle oil! Laura also sent me her organic cuticle oil in Sweet Tart, a sugary candy scent. I'm not the biggest fan of cuticle oils, I'm more of a balm person haha. I did use this through out many polish changes through many days. I did enjoy the oil and it has been more moisturizing than other oils I have used in the past. My hands are super dry, and cuticle oil works better for me after I wash my hands. When I don't wash my hands and just want to moisturize, I prefer balm or body butters.

If you're familiar with Polish Addict (of if you're not haha) Laura has recently moved her store from Etsy over to Big Cartel. So if you have her bookmarked you might want to update it :]

Website | Facebook | Instagram
Price: $6.00 - $9.00 full size
Where to Find: Big Cartel
Click here for more Polish Addict swatches by Lace & Lacquers

Hope ya'll have a nice night! Hopefully I can get some swatching and posting done more this week!
These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. Both polishes are so much fun to look at! I like them.xx

  2. I like the white based one. Thank you for all the swatches. You da best!

  3. Fabulous glitters! Glad you're doing better. Don't know what we'd do without you. :)


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