Sunday, March 17, 2013

SQUAREHUE: March Box - The O'Hue Collection

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SquareHue St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone! Today I'm doing some nail art with the Square Hue March collection - The O'Hue Collection. After the jump, I have a review and more picture of my nail art :]

SquareHue The O'Hare (March) Collection

SquareHue The O'Hare (March) Collection
(L->R) Blond Ale, Amber Lager, and Patty's Pint

I was in love with 2/3 of this collection:

Blond Ale: Not my favorite, although it was a pretty color and I love the inspiration behind it. I'm just not a fan of lighter shades of gold personally. This is a blond, gold color with a pretty gold shimmer with some copper shimmer here and there. I was impressed with the copper shimmer, it's almost hidden but when it hits the light just right you can see it. It took 4 coats to kill the visible nail line, which usually is a pain in the buns for me, but it dried pretty quickly!

Amber Lager: Love the inspiration again, Love me some amber lager! This is a very pretty color, I can't compare it to anything I own. A pretty golden, brown color, kind of reminds me of an old copper penny actually. It had a perfectly smooth formula, dried quickly, and was good to go in 2 coats.

Patty's Pint: My favorite out of the collection, because I'm a green polish freak haha. Patty's Pint is a dark green with some pretty green shimmer. For this one, 2 coats and this polish was good to go. It also had a smooth application and dried pretty dang fast.

Hey, Julep. You better watch out! Just saying!

Here's some more pictures of my St. Patty's Day manicure! Enjoy :]

SquareHue St. Patrick's Day Nail Art
SquareHue St. Patrick's Day Nail Art
SquareHue St. Patrick's Day Nail Art

For the clovers, I just made 4 little heart shapes close together. No trick to painting the the stein just freehanded that puppy!

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