Friday, March 29, 2013

Peeps Bunny Easter Nails - plus TUTORIAL

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Peeps Bunnies Easter nails

I was going to wait to share this manicure on Easter, but I figured some of you would like a tutorial to rock this on Easter! Not to mention my birthday is Saturday so I'll be out and about, and I'm not sure what we're doing Sunday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!). SOOO I decided to show you early, mostly because I couldn't wait to share with you :] So jump over for more pictures and a short tutorial!

Here's the base colors I used for the manicure:

Easter Nails Base Colors

Top to bottom nails: Sinful Colors Sugar Rush, Sinful Colors Sweet Tooth, China Glaze Lemon Fizz, and Sinful Colors Orange Cream.

And here's how to do the bunny! It's pretty simple and all you need is 2 sizes of dotting tools and a striping brush:

Peeps Bunny Nail Art Tutorial

STEP 1: With the larger dotting tool, make the body of the bunny.
STEP 2: With the smaller dotting tool, make the bunny's head, attaching it to the body.
STEP 3: With the striping brush, make 2 ears in a V shape on the bunny's head.

See?! Short and sweet. You could make a Peeps bunny army on your nails, like I did, or you could make ONE BIG bunny :] Super cute and super easy to do. Don't have dotting tools or striping brushes? Check out this guide from Wacky Laki to get some nail art tool ideas!

I got this idea from an ad I got from Jamberry Nails in December, I've been itching to do it ever since I saw the cute little bunnies! Here's few more pictures of the manicure I did :]

Peeps Bunny Easter Nail Art
Peeps Bunny Easter Nail Art
Peeps Bunny Easter Nail Art
Peeps Bunny Easter Nail Art
Hope you all have a great weekend, if you celebrate Easter or not! Go stuff your face with chocolates and jelly beans :] OR do what I'm doing and waiting until Monday when it's all super cheap mwhahahahaha ;]



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