Thursday, January 9, 2014

A GIRL OBSESSED: Sweet Nectar Cuticle Oil & Magpie Shine Top Coat

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A Girl Obsessed Sweet Nectar Cuticle Oil (left)
and Magpie Shine Top Coat (right)

Hi friends! Today I have a top coat and cuticle oil by A Girl Obsessed to share with you. I don't think I've reviewed an indie top coat on my blog before, so this is a first haha. Check both of these polish collection staples after the jump.

A Girl Obsessed Sweet Nectar Cuticle Oil

As someone with super dry skin 24/7, I keep some sort of cuticle moisturizing product around me everywhere I go. I have my favorites, but I'm always in the neighborhood to try something new :]

Sweet Nectar Cuticle Oil is Sam's "special blend of sweet almond and grape seed oil, it also contains vitamin E, calcium, jojoba oil, sesame oil, rice bran oil, and sass flower oil".

It has a light, sweet scent which comes naturally from the mix of oils. It's noticeable and pleasant but not overpowering. If you'd like you can request a scent to add to the oil. I really like the natural scent this cuticle oil offers, so I personally wouldn't choose a scent to add.

Overall I really enjoyed this cuticle oil. I used it up to the top of the AGO letters, until my dog stole the brush and spilled it LMAO. It was very moisturizing for my super dry skin and it made my skin look rejuvenated almost. With any oil, for me, the "staying power" wasn't that long which is why I prefer balms to oils. I probably applied it 2-3x a day substituting my usual cuticle moisturizers and i was happy with the visual results it provided.

PS: I still use this cuticle oil, the 1/2 bottle that is left, even though my dog ate my brush hahahaha, it's not as easy but I feel it's worth using :P

A Girl Obsessed Magpie Shine Top Coat

My go-to top coat has always been Seche Vite. I've tried HK Girl, Out the Door, Poshe, etc, etc, and Seche is always my go-to! Magpie Shine is a "quick dry and high shine [top coat]. It will not dull holos or smudge nail art. Most importantly, no shrinkage!"

I gave Magpie Shine a go around. I used it in swatches and a few full manis I wore out and about. I really wanted to like this top coat, but I don't think it was the top coat for me. I don't know if it was the ingredients interacting with my body or the ingredients in other polishes, it just wasn't a good result for me.

I did enjoy the shine this top coat had, it makes everything super glossy and slick looking. I did not experience any shrinkage with this top coat; however, I don't experience shrinkage with Seche Vite like most people do either haha, so shrinkage has never been a top concern for me.

My main problems why I wouldn't repurchase this top coat is the "quick dry" aspect of this polish just didn't cut it for me. Like I said before, I'm not sure if it was other ingredients or the way it interacted with my body.

A Girl Obsessed Magpie Shine Results

Excuse the roughness of those cuticles LOL. This was just one example of a mani where I used Magpie Shine as the top coat. I had the same results with other polishes as well, indies included. The major issues I had with this top coat is I had bubbles galore when I used it. Nearly every nail had multiple clusters of noticeable bubbles :-\ I didn't shake the top coat or anything, it was happily sitting on my desk.

The biggest issue for me was the quick dry component. I did not apply this top coat over wet polish, it was 100% dry. The pictures above are over a mani I did with Zoya polishes ( and in my mind, if it doesn't go with my Zoyas it doesn't go with me hahah). After 1.5 hours I still was able to get noticeable dents that I couldn't rub out. Then about 3 hours later it was still possible for the polish to become dented, or pushed up at the tips like you see in the bottom photo. Mind you, I wasn't doing anything extreme or crazy with my nails. I was on my computer and making dinner lol.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that just because a top coat doesn't work for ME, doesn't mean it won't work for you. There are multiple factors that can work with or against a top coat. BUT I did need to be honest about how this top coat works for me.

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Price: Top coat $7, cuticle oil $6, full sized $8.00, minis $4.50
Where to Find: Etsy

If you're reading this - moisturize your cuticles now! You'll thank me later ;]

See ya!
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