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FUSE GELNAMEL By Sensational Starter Kit in Sonic Blue-m Review

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Fuse Gelnamel by Sensationail starter kit

Happy Friday! Today I am reviewing the Fuse Gelnamel system by Sensational. I've reviewed Sensational items on my blog before, so I'm excited to show you a new product from them! I have seen this kit at Walmart before I was asked to review it and was excited to try it. The lamp really intrigued me! Let me show you the kit and my review of Fuse Gelnamel :]

Fuse Gelnamel by Sensationail starter kit

The kit outlines a super easy method of applying gel polish. I was most excited to try this system because there is no base or top coat needed.

As you can see from the bottom left picture, application is super simple. All you need to do is buff lightly, cleanse, apply polish, cure, cleanse. Not too shabby, eh?

There are quite a lot of bold claims for a super simple process:
- All in one formula, no base/top coat.
- One coat coverage.
- 30 second flash dry.
- Anti-chip technology.
- Megawatt shine that lasts.

Here's what is included in each starter kit:

Fuse Gelnamel by Sensationail starter kit

Each kit includes the LED lamp, cleanser, Gelnamel (I got Sonic Blue-m), file/buffer, orange stick, and lint free wipes.

As I stated before, I was really interested in the lamp!

Fuse LED lamp
Fuse LED lamp

As you can see it is only big enough to cure one nail at at time. For some, this might be obnoxious or counterproductive. Hear me out - 90% of the time I use gel polish is on vacation or somewhere that requires me to pack a bag lol. I always end up skipping taking the LED lamp with me because of the size. This lamp is going to make it a lot easier to take with me on trips and vacations where I need a chip free mani.

I also was intrigued by the design of the lamp. The top of the lamp is removable, which allows you to switch it around to use for a pedicure! UM. YES PLEASE. I don't know about you, but jamming my feet into the 2 LED lamps I have when I do a gel pedi... isn't my favorite part lmao. I feel this is going to make things easier :]

Let's time a look at this polish!

Sensational Fuse Gelnamel in  Sonic Blue-m
Sensational Fuse Gelnamel in  Sonic Blue-m

This was after my first application of Fuse Gelnamel. The process was super easy, and I really liked not having to fuss with a top/base coat. In the instructions it tells you to do one nail at a time. I obeyed half of that? LOL I cleansed them all at once and then painted and cured one at a time.

The whole 1 coat claim didn't work for me, I needed 2 coats per nail. With a claim of 1 coat per nail, I was unsure how to approach applying the 2nd coat. I ended up just applying the 2nd after I cured it.  I didn't like how thick the polish was, it was a little difficult to apply an even coat.

I did really enjoy the shine and the color of the polish, it was really nice!

Soooo this is after 2 days:

Sensational Fuse Gelnamel wear

SAD DAY! I didn't pick at the polish and I didn't do anything crazy with my nails lol. I was so disappointed with the wear.

So... I thought, what if I change my process:
- Cleanse 1 nail at a time VS cleansing all at once.
- Apply the 2nd coat after cleansing VS applying without cleansing.

Sensational Fuse Gelnamel in Sonic Blue-m and
China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara

This is my 2nd manicure after 3 days. It lasted a good 5 days before there was some minimal chipping at the corners. So applying the 2nd coat after cleansing is better than applying without cleansing. Also, cleansing one nail at a time, as you go, is better than cleansing them all at once. I was still frustrated with the slightly goopy and uneven application. It seemed this time was more uneven than last. I still enjoyed the color and the manicure though! :] I added China Glaze Loreli's Tiara with Seche Vite to spice my mani up a little bit I was getting tired of an entire week of solid nails lmao.

Gel polish removal method

My mom bought these nail cap soaker thingiemabobbers for me. I use them for taking off gel manicures. I stick a cotton ball inside and put acetone in to soak the cotton. I must say, this removal was a lot easier than the typical Sensational gel removal! So I was impressed with that :]

My overall thoughts of this gel system:

- Super easy method, eliminates most steps of a typical gel polish application.
- Long wear when you obey the instructions lmfao.
- Decently easy removal.
- Super shiny finish.
- Great color selection.
- Small LED lamp, great for travel.

- No instructions with what to do if you need a 2nd coat.
- Thick polish application, can appear uneven after curing.

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Price: Starter Kit $29.99, Gelnamel $9.99
Where to Find: Product Locator

Have an awesome weekend!
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  1. That looks interesting. I've never done gel nails. If it only lasts 5 days, I don't really see the point in all the work though. I usually get about 5 days with most my manis anyway. Too bad you got the chips, but I guess the application rules are very specific! LOL

  2. I do have this kit as well and my first go was a lot like your first one! I will have to try your suggestions. Since you have used the regular sensationail gel system I have a silly question...can I just purchase the base coat, gel color, and top coat and use my mini led lamp from this kit? I didn't know if there is a difference really then the size.

  3. if you read the purple side of the colorful insert included in the kit it says, "Apply an additional thin layer of Gelnamel if desired. Cure one coat before moving onto the second coat. Do not cleanse between coats."!

  4. I have just used the fuse in red. After two days, the nails were all chipping. I decided to just take off the polish to start from scratch rather than repairing. Once the polish was off, my nails were all stained red. I wouldn't recommend this polish to anyone.

    1. That's sad to hear, but good at the same time because I almost bought the red for my mom!


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