Thursday, January 30, 2014

#randomnailartjan Instagram Challenge Recap

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I'm a little sick today and I didn't get to the post I needed to finish, SOOOO today I'm going to recap my manis I did for the Random Nail Art Challenge for January on Instagram. Check em out below!

Glitter placement nail art
Television inspired nail art, The Walking Dead head tank
Holographic nail art
World flag nail art
Purple nail art
Plaid nail art
Geometric nail art
Music nail art, Fall Out Boy Sugar We're Goin Down
Grey nail art
Cats nail art, Grumpy Cat

I hope you enjoyed these! If you want to see other people's designs check out #randomnailartjan on Instagram :] If you want to join in next month, check out the tag #randomnailartfeb! You can always follow me on Instagram, @LACERZ.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Omg, Lacey, these are all gorgeous! Mad props on your brushwork, those tiny flags must have been such a b to paint.


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