Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FING'RS: Fing'rs Prints Girlie Glam in On the Dot

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Fing'rs Fing'rs Prints in Girlie Glam On the Dot

Hey there! Today I have something entirely different than I have ever posted before! I was sent a set of Fing'rs Prints by Fing'rs. These are a set of press on nails that have a claim to lasting up to a week of wear and easy removal. I thought this would be cool to share! Check out more pictures and my review after the jump.

Fing'rs Fing'rs Prints in Girlie Glam On the Dot
I really liked the set I was sent and it comes with charms! How fun! They have a good variety of styles to choose from. I know people seem to really like the Impress press on nails, so I figured these were worth a go around!

Fing'rs Fing'rs Prints in Girlie Glam On the Dot
Fing'rs Fing'rs Prints in Girlie Glam charms and glue dots
Fing'rs Fing'rs Prints in Girlie Glam On the Dot
Fing'rs Fing'rs Prints in Girlie Glam On the Dot

How adorable are those nails! I love how they included 3 different pattern styles in the kit.

I really like the ease of these. The glue is already ON the nail when you pop them out of the plastic. All you have to do is select a size for your nail and give it a good press. Instant nail art - seriously. Selecting a size was difficult for me.  There seem to be A LOT of tiny nail sizes in this set. I don't know if my fingers are abnormally large or the set is meant for smaller fingers lol. Judging from their website, it's not a kids only product so I'm not sure why there are so many nails that hardly fit my pinky nail lol.

They seem to stay on really good, I sadly couldn't keep them on for too long because my nails aren't exactly shaped for these nails....

Fing'rs Fing'rs Prints don't get along with curved nails :[

SAD DAY! I was going to keep them on to see how long they would stay... but I just couldn't... because of DAT GAP. My nails are very curved and they didn't get along with these nails :-\ Oh well! Not everything is meant to be lol. Anyways, I wore them for an hour then I couldn't efficiently... do anything so I removed them lol. I didn't find these tough to remove, but they weren't horribly easy either (then again I didn't wear them for long). I ended up using a metal cuticle pusher to pry them off lol.

The charm was easy to put on also. The set comes with a few glue dots to make it easy to just stick it on your nail without having to mess with glue. The downsides I saw to this was that: the dot was larger than the charm, leaving some glue exposed which attracted anything that would like to stick to it. The charm was easy to remove and move about if you didn't like where you put it, which makes me think that it wouldn't last long in everyday life.

So let me break it down for ya!

- Simple as it can be! Pop on and go
- Cute, fun designs with a good variety.
- Great way to add some nail art before going somewhere without dealing with wet nails.
- Seem to stay put, for the hour I wore them haha.

- Not meant for curved nails.
- Too many tiny nails, not enough "normal" sizes.
- Exposed glue after adding the charm.
- Not all the ends of the nails are cut evenly, some are kind of jagged with slightly sharp ends.

I think these are fun for a quick nail art need, or for someone who likes fake nails. Heck, with the smaller sizes these might even be nice for kiddos.

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Hope you're having a great day!
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  1. the pattern is really nice. they should comes in a strips♥

  2. Great review. I think it's very useful to know about the contour of these, since I have curved nails too. Kind of a shame since I think it would be fun to use these for a night or in case I have a bad breakage and have to go down to nubs. Oh well, hopefully they work better for other people!

    1. Thanks! I agree, that way no one is wasting their money on nails that will pop up at the tips and base of the nail. I wonder if the Impress nails would work any better.

      Fing'rs PR said they were forwarding my cons onto the brand, so we'll see what comes out of it :]

  3. What a cute set! I think I'll try this combo with paint, though. :)

  4. Too cute! It's too bad they didn't fit though. I might just freehand the design, since it's looks simple enough to do. Press-on nails kind of scare me, lol!

    1. I'm thinking of recreating it freehand too! I can't remember the last time I bought press on nails hahahhaha

  5. What a cute set! From your review I think they would fit my small flat nails, lol :)


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