Friday, January 31, 2014

BORN PRETTY STORE: Gold Chains & Zipper Water Slide Decals

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Born Pretty Store nail art goodies

Who's excited it's Friday?! That's a dumb question haha Welp, today I have the other half of the nail art stuffs that Born Pretty Store sent me to review! If you missed the first post, you can find it here! In this post I have some water slide decals and some gold chains :] Check them out after the jump!

Born Pretty Store nail art chains
Born Pretty Store nail art chains

These nails were inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest by Haus of Lacquer. I love how bold this mani is and I was super excited to recreate it with real chains! I used Orly Choreographed Chaos as the base and added some black lines with a striping brush.

Cutting the chain was a pain in the buns lmao I broke a pair of cuticle clippers trying to cut them hahahahaha Nail clippers worked 10x better :D I applied them with top coat, because again I'm out of nail glue. They stuck on there pretty good though!

Born Pretty Store zipper water slide decals
Born Pretty Store zipper water slide decals

I've worked with BPS' water slide decals before and I really like them. For this mani I used Zoya Natty as the base, and since I suck at saran wrap manis... I used a fan brush to make it look like I used saran wrap lmao. The lighter blue is Zoya Jo. I applied the water slide decals and then added some studs I had lying around to look like jean rivets :]

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Have a great weekend!
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