Wednesday, October 1, 2014


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I bet ya'll were wondering why I was pushing my blog sale so much earlier haha - here's why!

Because I love you, and because Halloween warms my little black heart: I've put together this box of Halloween goodies just for YOU! There are 18 polishes (Pumpkin shaped polishes, Skull shaped polish, Square Hue, Milani, Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors, Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers, Orly), nail art goodies, my favorite Cutex Advance Revival remover, Revlon polish decals, Revlon press on nails, candy, and more, stuffed into a box... and I'm giving ya'll the chance to win ALL. OF. IT.

(Sadly, because of the amount of polish and the remover, and I'll be in the middle of packing to move - I can only offer this to my readers in the US at this time. IFFFFFFF you have someone super awesome located in the US willing to ship all this or part of it to you if you win, feel free to enter. My next giveaway will be international <3 PROMISE!)

Click the images below to zoom in and check out all the spooky stuff and things!

Enter in the Rafflecopter widget below. If it doesn't show up: click here instead. Good LUCK!

Its The Great Halloween Giveaway, Charlie Brown is open October 1st until October 16th 2014 11:59 PM EST. This giveaway is open to US residents only 18 years and older only. If you live outside the US and have someone in the US willing to ship the prize to you, you may also enter. This giveaway is not sponsored. All items were purchased by Lace & Lacquers. If you are caught unfollowing/unliking when the giveaway ends and then refollowing/reliking when another giveaway starts - I will blacklist you. You can do as many or as few of the entries as you would like - only an email is required. 
To see the full rules: click here.
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  1. Thanks for this sweet (literally!) giveaway, it's putting me in a festive mood for Halloween!

  2. Awesome Giveaway Thank You For The Chance!

  3. Now this is what I call an exciting giveaway. Also I'm new to your blog, but you deff have a new devoted member. Love it so far!!

  4. Thank you for the opportunity and I love reating your blog posts.

  5. Thanks So Much for this Massive, Amazing Giveaway! I Follow you on Ever Social Media Possible, except Instagram b/c I Don't Have it! I Have Pinned, Saved, or Favorited Numerous of Your Nail Looks or Polishes you Have Recommended! I Love Your Blogs & Your Newsletters, but I Really Like to Follow your Nail Art on Bloglovin & Pinterest the Most! I Love to try (the Keyword being Try) to Recreate Some of the Nail Looks or I Just Save Them for Inspiration for Later on! I Think you are Very Talented & Truly Blessed and I am Happy that you are Happy with What you do! When I Was going to School to get My Esthetician License I Would Watch the Ladies Doing Acrylics or Nail Art and I Was So Envious that I Couldn't Do it b/c I am Too Shaky, Clumsy, and Just Not that Creative! I Can Give a Pretty Good Facial Though & I am Great with Make Up and I can Do a Wonderful Plain Old Manicure with Clear Polish, LOL! Thanks for this Halloween Treat & Congrats on Your Blogging Success, I am Sure Your Following Will Continue to Multiply No Matter What! Well, Take Care & I Will See Ya Around! Jana


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