Friday, October 3, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #1: Baby Ghosts

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Hey guys! I ran this idea on my Facebook page last week: Blogoween! I know YouTubers (mainly Grav3yardgirl) do Vlogoween. I figured it would be kind of cool to do the same idea, but for my blog! So each Monday and Friday, until I run out of ideas lmfao, I will be posting Halloween themed nail art! Hope you enjoy this mini series :] Happy haunting! <3

Halloween nail art - baby ghosts
Halloween nail art - baby ghosts
Halloween nail art - baby ghosts
Halloween nail art - baby ghosts with matte top coat

I've been wanting to do this mani for so long, ever since I did these Easter Peeps nails! It was super easy to create, I'm pleased with the look of my baby ghost nails. I used Wet n Wild Megalast Venomous Vixen (an LE from 2012). To create the ghosts I used a larger dotting tool for their "heads" and then a smaller dotting tool to create their "bottoms". I just moved the smaller tool around to form a ghost shape? LOL does that make sense?! I did try to make them look a little different, not all ghosts are the same y'all - GOSH. Two little eyes with black polish and the tiniest dotting tool I have finished these babies off :]

In the last picture, in the set above, I added a matte top coat. I think it looks perfect with the matte top coat! It just gives it a little something extra that my baby ghosts needed!

Abstract Ghostbusters nail art

So I have a friend, *cough*Enjeliqua*cough*, who may or may not be obsessed with Ghostbusters - I don't blame her haha those movies are awesome! Well, her name popped up on my Facebook feed so I couldn't resist doing an abstract Ghostbusters mani with my baby ghosts! I ended up throwing some bright green slime (Sinful Colors Innocent) and a that famous red symbol - 'cause I ain't afraid of no ghost, ya'll.

Hope you enjoyed my manis! I can't wait to share more of the nail art I have stuck in my brain with you. Have an awesome weekend and I'll see ya on Monday :]

PS: To get you into the Halloween spirit, I have a HUGEEEE giveaway going on. Don't forget to enter before it's too late! It's a-live until 10/16! Mwhahahahah :D


  1. This nail art idea is so cute! I am totally in love with it!!!

    I've actually included your idea into my Ultimate Halloween Nail Art Guide that you can find here:

    In this guide, I provide the list of 50 popular Halloween costumes and 50 matching DIY nail art tutorials.


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