Monday, October 13, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #4: Fancy Severed Body Parts

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It's day numero 4 of Blogoween, ya'll! Ran with this idea on a whim and I'm happy with how it came out! Don't forget to check the other manis I've done for this Blogoween - here :]

Fancy body parts nail art
Fancy body parts nail art
Fancy body parts nail art
Fancy body parts nail art

So today's mani features a black base adorned with freshly spooned out colorful eyeballs from different creatures. In addition, there were some just manicured fingers that happened to get sliced off as well. Not sure why, but they seemed appropriate for this mani bahahahah! I thought this would be a fun take on something usually pretty gory :P I used mostly all Zoya polishes besides the black and white, Sinful Colors.

They eye balls were created with different sizes of dotting tools. The fingers were done with a detailing brush and dotting tools. The easiest way to create the fingers was to create a circle for the base of the finger and then draw it from there. I added the nails with white before painting them with Zoya Lara. Once you've put the nails on, it's a good gauge for where you need to add more "meat" to the fingers :]

Don't forget to check out my other Blogoween manis to conjure up some wicked mani ideas for the 31st! In the mean time I'm going to start brainstormin' for Friday!

Have a good one!

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