Friday, October 24, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #7: The Graveyard

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I hope you really enjoy day #7's mani! I'm super proud of it. I PAINTED A HAND AND IT LOOKS LIKE A HAND GUYS! Don't forget to check the other manis I've done for this Blogoween series - here :]

Graveyard nail art
Graveyard nail art
Graveyard nail art
Graveyard nail art - Bary D. Alyve
Graveyard nail art - U.R. Next, Al B. Back
Graveyard nail art - C. U. Soon, Tom T. Go

So what do you think? Are you as proud of me as I am of myself? LOL jk - don't answer that... I know you are ;] Anyways... I saw a kitchen towel at Marshall's yesterday with gravestones and these cute, yet distributing, "names" on them. I decided to run with how much I liked them and slap it (nicely) onto my nails :]

For the grave stones I used China Glaze Recycle. The sky is Kawako. I used my Amuse nail art pen to do the letters. I think the moral of this mani is that you SHOULD NOT hire me to engrave your gravestone. Unless you like toddler handwriting - hit me up. I can't recall the other polishes, but they were 100% Zoya. I did mix 2 Zoya colors to make the zombie hand though :D

So there ya have it! My spooky graveyard scene. I kinda don't want to take this off. NO SWATCHES NEXT WEEK Y'ALL! Just kidding... Kinda... Don't forget to check out the past couple looks I've done for Blogoween - here.


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