Friday, October 31, 2014

BLOGOWEEN DAY #9: "I, myself, am strange & unusual"

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HAPPYYYYYY EFFFFINNN' HALLOWEEEEENNNNNN!!! Sadly it's the last day of Blogoween on Lace & Lacquers. But I saved my most favorite movie for last - Beetlejuice! I can't wait to share it with you :] Don't forget to check the other manis I've done for this Blogoween series - here!

Beetlejuice nail art
Beetlejuice nail art
Beetlejuice nail art
Beetlejuice nail art
Beetlejuice nail art
Beetlejuice nail art

What do you fink? Is anyone else in love with this movie and cartoon like I am? I mostly used Zoya and China Glaze nail polishes and Salon Perfect polishes for the black and white (they're becoming my fave black and white polishes, ya'll!)

So my index finger is a motherfreakin' sandworm.  I probably should of made it smaller or put it on my thumb, but it came out nicer than I thought it would :]

Next is a kinda abstract take on Beetlejuice's suit (more the cartoon version). Had to use Zoya Savita (OBSESSED) for the purple, I mean - DUH.

On my ring finger I did the entrance to the Inferno Room! That scene always cracks me up, so I couldn't of done without it.

Pinky fingahhh, I did Beetlejuice's grave. Sadly, it's not all fancy like his grave stone is, but ya get the idea!

Lastly, probably my favorite part of this mani is my thumb - I did the cover of The Handbook For The Recently Deceased.


So there ya have it! I'm def rocking this mani' with my Winona Ryder "I am utterly alone" top from Creep Street and my black and white striped maxi skirt from Tarjay. This is my costume LOL!

I really hope you liked this mani! It means a lot to me. If you haven't seen this movie and ya have nothin' to do for Halloween, I highly suggest you check it out! I'm so sad this series is over! I had so much fun doing this, more fun than doing the Christmas thing a few years ago LOL. Don't worry, this series is going to be replaced by a new one :]

Lace & Lacquers 9 Days of Blogoween!

Don't forget to check out the past couple looks I've done for Blogoween - here. Hopefully you have some fun Halloween manis planned, I'd love to see them if I helped inspire them :] Post them to my Facebook!

Happy Halloween!

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