Tuesday, November 25, 2014

GUEST POST: Tia from Iced Lacquer: Essie Stripe Nail Art

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Hi Lace & Lacquer readers! While Lacey is moving I'm going to be helping out by doing some guest posting for her! If you've never read my blog before my name is Tia and I run Iced Lacquer. Since the holidays are quickly approaching (oh man, Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK!) I thought it would be fun to do a look that is just a tiny bit festive. I also wanted to do something a little bit more fun than my usual swatch photos. Let's get to it!

For this stripey look I was totally inspired by a post from Globe & Nail, which she actually posted right around this time last year! I am not great with striping tape, but I really like how she made the sections irregularly spaced. It meant I didn't have to panic when my sections weren't perfectly even as I put down pieces of striping tape.

I had three recent Essie purchases sitting on my desk and thought they seemed pretty fitting! I started with two coats of the nude/tan "Take It Outside" and painted on my stripes with "Bahama Mama" and "The Perfect Cover Up."

Pictured from left to right these are "Take It Outside," "The Perfect Cover Up," and "Bahama Mama."

I goofed up in a couple of spots, but overall I'm pretty happy with this look! It kind of reminds me of a Christmas scarf lol! I like how the stripe colors are tones of red and green, which totally make me think of Christmas, but aren't super traditional true red and green shades. It's a bit more muted and subtle, especially when I look at it from a distance.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this look and my guest post! You can find me on most social media sites as Iced Lacquer, but I'm most active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I also co-host a podcast with my friend Courtney called Nail Newscast if you're into those! ;)

Thanks for having me, Lacey! And thanks for reading!



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