Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17 Manic-ure Giveaways Monday

Pin It Here's my weekly giveaway's list, I dig for them so you don't have to!

These are the giveaways I've seen on my Facebook feeds, Twitter, and Blog feed. If I missed yours, please email me ( with the link to the giveaway and I will put your giveaway in next weeks post! :]

(Multiple Prizes)

(Multiple Prizes)

(You pick the colors you want to win!)

(Multiple Prizes)

And, when Tipsy Tips gets to 100 Facebook likes she's having a giveaway:

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Also, if you missed last weeks giveaway post and need to enter some you missed you can check, here.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Yayy another giveaway round-up hehe

  2. Lacey you can check out my giveaway round-up as well, even though some of the stuff you have here I also have them on the post.


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