Saturday, September 29, 2012


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Femme Fatale Lacquer Party On!

Have you guys heard of Femme Fatale Lacquer? If you're in Instagram a lot, like myself, you've probably have seen her around! Well today I get the privilege of sharing and reviewing her polish, Party On!, with you guys!

I'm going to start off by saying I, myself, went through a milky base with glitter phase at the beginning of the year. I think I bought SO many of those polishes I burnt myself out on them LOL! I know a lot of people love the look of the white milky base with rainbow matte glitter though! So check this one out :]

Femme Fatale Lacquer Party On!, bottle shot

And here's some swatches sans undies:

Femme Fatale Lacquer Party On!

Femme Fatale Lacquer Party On!

Femme Fatale Lacquer Party On!

Femme Fatale Lacquer Party On!

I was going to layer this bad boy over white for these swatches but, I love the look of the layers with milky polishes. Party On! is described by Femme Fatale as a "milky base with assorted colors and different sizes of glitter". What different sizes you may ask, let me break it down:

Small matte hex glitter: red/orange, purple, yellow, turquoise and white.
Smaller matte hex glitter: red/orange, turquoise, light blue, green, and purple.
Smallest matte glitter: light blue and orange/red.

PHEW! That's a lot of glitter for one polish! Hahaha. I had no issues with the application of this polish. Everything went on smooth, even, was easy to build up, covered well, and dried fast.

POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Femme Fatale Lacquer
Website | Facebook | Instagram
Price: $8.00 full size and $4.00 minis
Where to Find: Big Cartel
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And a link to her giveaway ;]

Have a great weekend!

These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. HA! It's like a sorbet party. Pretty cool. :)

  2. I think it kind of looks like funfetti cake :) pretty

  3. Pretty! I always admired all the pale creams with rainbow glitters but I don't have any...or maybe I have one. Now I'm not sure haha.

  4. The polish is very pretty and looks really nice on you.


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