Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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I'm sure you guys aren't tired of glitter bombs by Shimmer? I know I'm not and I've swatched a ton haha, they're such a surprise every time! Swatches and such after the jump ;]

I really am surprised by Shimmer every time, it's always gorgeous in the bottle but so pretty on the nail! (This is honest, like I'm not freaking kidding lol) Here's the bottle shot:

Shimmer Polish Erica, bottle shot

I layered it over 2 colors, check check check it out!

Shimmer Polish Erica over Essie Mojito Madness

Shimmer Polish Erica over Essie Mojito Madness

Shimmer Polish Erica over Sinful Colors Nirvana

Shimmer Polish Erica over Sinful Colors Nirvana

I really like how different Erica can look over 2 different colored polishes. Like, over Essie Mojito Madness it looks more green but, over Sinful Colors Nirvana it looks more blue. But what is this glitter truly made up of? Multiple sizes of glitter in gold, silver, light green, a darker green/teal color, and some iridescent. I did 1 thicker coat over each swatch above. Like most Shimmer glitter bombs, Erica dries rather smooth and does well with one coat of Seche Vite.

I hope you enjoyed this pretty glitter! To find out more about Shimmer you can find Shimmer Polish on Etsy! Her polishes are $12/bottle, but I'd say it's worth every penny for these glitters. You can also visit her Facebook page, here.

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Have a great evening :]

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  1. Total sparkly gorgeousness! And you're right--your base colour really brings out different aspects of the glitter. Yes, $12 is a little high for a bottle of polish, but these are so densely packed, and I have yet to see one of hers that I haven't really liked a lot. :D

  2. Awesome! Totally loving it over Nirvana.


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