Friday, September 28, 2012

WET N WILD: Fall 2012 Pick Your Poison Collection [Part 2]

Pin It As I promised Part 2:

 [L->R] Poison Ivy, Root of All Evil, and Deadly Dose

The other half I called "the darks" and these aren't exactly bright but I considered these "the bolds" of the group. If you missed the first part of this group of 6 polishes that make up the Fall 2012 Wet n Wild Pick Your Poison Collection, you can find it here :] Onward to the rest of the collection!

I guess the green isn't so bold but the other 2. I am really liking these polishes and I hope you are too! Here are my bottle shots of the 3 I'm going over today:

  [L->R] Poison Ivy, Root of All Evil, and Deadly Dose

Again, like the previous 3, the above shot is a brighter shot to show the detail of the polishes. Here are my swatches:

 Wet n Wild Poison Ivy

 Wet n Wild Poison Ivy

This polish is why I went searching for this collection! I looooooove deep, dark greens! However, I don't have a super dark green with shimmer so I was all over this bad boy! Poison Ivy is another a super awesome dark green with just enough shimmer, not too much! I did 2 coats and all was well :] Ugh this polish just kills me! <3

 Wet n Wild Root of All Evil

 Wet n Wild Root of All Evil

Mmm love me some bright blue polish! Root of All Evil is exactly that, a bright blue with shimmer. I could wear these blues all year! I did 2 coats. I was asked to compare ROAE to Zoya Song. Well, I took it a step further and compared Root of All Evil to 3 polishes.

[L->R] Essie Aruba Blue, Wet n Wild Root of All Evil,
Zoya Song and Sinful Colors Ciao Bella

[Pointer -> Pinky] Zoya Song, Wet n Wild Root of All Evil,
Essie Aruba Blue and Sinful Colors Ciao Bella

Loooooook at all those pretty blue polishes! My verdict?

Essie Aruba Blue: I think this is the closest. No dupe though. But, if you have one you don't need the other honestly. The Essie is a tad bit brighter.
Zoya Song: Same shade of blue but Song has very obvious glitter mixed in and is a smidge darker.
Sinful Colors Ciao Bella: I think this was probably the closest but Ciao Bela is more shimmery and glitzy than all of these. Might be my favorite out of the 4. Mightttttt be!

 Wet n Wild Deadly Dose

 Wet n Wild Deadly Dose

Last but not least! Deadly Dose is a shimmery, brassy gold color. This was another color I was iffy on but, I love colors like this for detail in nail art because they're so shimmery. I'm not too fond of how streaky this is and as a full manicure, my least favorite out of the 6 and... I wanted it off as fast as possible haha. It took 3 coats to kill the nail line and this one was a little thinner than the others. Still pretty though! Just not my cup of tea ;]

Like I said in the previous post, I'm superrrrrrr happy to see the Megalast line expanding to more than pinks, reds, nudes and purples and going for something a little more special. I love the price, formula and wear of these polishes!

I found these polishes at Walgreen's on sale for $1.59, from the usual $1.99. I searched FOUR stores before finding these! It seems they're not consistently stocked. I've also heard that they are at Rite Aid but, I went to 3 stores and never found them haha. Come on Charleston, get with it!
 Have an awesome Friday night!


  1. Pretty!
    My fiance has a port visit in Charleston sometime in the next few weeks :)

  2. omg I love Poison Ivy! I may have to pick that one up. I don't have any MegaLast polishes yet.

  3. All three polishes look wonderful on you! What great finds!


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