Thursday, November 8, 2012


Pin It Someone want to come over and make dinner? :D I'll paint your nails pretty colorssss!

I decided to wait until the Coterie Butter London swatches calmed down a bit before I showed mine haha. I had one in yesterday's post. And today's post features Butter London Bluey! More after the jump

I ended up deciding that Candeo Colors Divebomb would be a good match for Bluey. Since they were both in my untried pile, decided to kill  2 birds with 1 stone!

Butter London Bluey (bottom) Candeo Divebomb (top)

Butter London Bluey

Butter London Bluey

Bluey was a LOTTTTTTTT lighter than I was thinking it would be, which made me a happy camper! Butter London describes Bluey as "a slightly metallic, dark peacock blue nail lacquer". You can see the metallic shimmer in my bottle shot above.

I did 4 coats of Bluey, sans undies. It was a little sheer but 4 coats didn't seem to bug me as much as a 4 coater usually would. It had the same smooth application and fast drying formula I expect from Butter London. I really enjoyed this color, I know some people were not too happy with it. But, as a fan of just about every blue polish under the sun, I  found this one beautiful!

I then added Candeo Colors Divebomb to Bluey:

Candeo Colors Divebomb over Butter London Bluey

Candeo Colors Divebomb over Butter London Bluey

Candeo Colors Divebomb over Butter London Bluey

I'm LOVING the colors in Divebomb and the glitter plays great with the shade of blue that Bluey gives off. Divebomb is made up of "blue shimmer, small copper, medium blue and teal holographic and large chocolate hex glitter". It really is a gorgeous mix!

I did 1 coat of Divebomb over Bluey, I could of added more but I was happy with the amount of glitter. No issues with application or drying. Please excuse the smudge on my pinky, I get impatient sometimes!

You can find Butter London at the locations given on their website, here. I purchased a few of mine off Coterie, another beauty discount site. They seem to list BL polishes quite often although not a very wide selection they do good prices when you use a discount code (I haven't seen one recently). You can sign up through my link, here, and after your first purchase they'll give you $10! 

You can find Divebomb on Candeo's website, here. :]

Talk to ya'll later!


  1. lol Bluey is pretty sheer, huh? I stopped at 3 coats and crackled over it. ;) Makes a great base for that glitter!

  2. I'd be happy to come cook! If only the flights from HK weren't so'd probably get way too hungry waiting. ;)

    I really do like this combination! I have Divebomb on order, and I'm so excited about it--I love these gorgeous colours together!

  3. I have yet to try my Bluey. Good to know its lighter than it looks.


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