Thursday, November 29, 2012

HARE POLISH: Amethystos

Pin It This is an open letter to Nikole of Hare Polish:

Dear Nikole,
Please stop making such gorgeous polishes that I feel an immediate need to buy every single polish you make. (Not really, keep it up. Forreals.) My wallet hates me so much it hides itself, too bad for Paypal mwahaha.
Lacey Stinson of Lace & Lacquers

Hare Polish Amethystos 

While I currently have 4 (I think) other Hare polishes sitting on my untried shelf, I grabbed Amethystos to swatch for you today because it was staring at me. How can you resist such a pretty glitter? Clearly I can't, since I bought it haha

Swatches after the jump!
And here's a shot of the bottle close up...

Hare Polish Amethystos 

If that doesn't get the party going, well.. I don't know what does! Here are some swatches of Amethystos:

Hare Polish Amethystos 

Hare Polish Amethystos 

Hare Polish Amethystos 

I think I'm getting the hang of this "swatch on the right hand" crap haha. I still wouldn't mind for my index and middle nails on my left to even out sometime in the NEAR future though ;]

Oh Amethystos! It's polishes like these that make me entirely forget about the difficulty of removing glitter (recommend the foil method to me in the commends and I'll shoot myself, srsly). Glitters that sparkle like diamonds even in my dark living room with one window make my knees weak haha!

Amethystos is described as "A glitterbomb in a bright purple jelly... A mixture of silver glitter in hexes and squares, plus pink and champagne gold glitters in several sizes. Amethystos also has the magical blue irridescent glitter and delicate gold flecks". Just skip all that and read my description: "freaking gorgeousness". ;] The purple and that glitter mix play so amazingly well together. PS: SQUARE GLITTER. Swoon.

I did 2 coats of Amethystos with no undies. I was thinking this would take 3 coats but was pleasantly surprised when it was opaque at 2. Nikole's glitterbombs always have awesome coverage and Amethystos was nothing different. No need to dip and dab and no pooling in the base either. While this polish is a jelly, it did not take that long to dry, which was another plus.

Hare Polish has quickly made it's way up to my top favorite Indies. I get asked a lot what my top Indies are haha, loosely in order: Hare Polish, Nerd Lacquer, Rainbow Honey and Candeo Colors. :]

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Price: $10.00 (Etsy)
Where to Find: Etsy, llarowe

One more day closer to Friday! YAY!


  1. LOL I've never needed to actually use foil. Just let the cotton balls sit on my nails for 5-10 minutes. Since I use "strengthening" remover I'm guessing it's less damaging than 100% acetone and the polish comes right off. Even those ChG prismatics weren't a problem. I don't know if it makes a difference, but I use the jumbo cotton balls ripped in half so they end up extra soaky. That's not why I use those, I do it so I can get 140 for $1 instead of 100. ;)

  2. I feel the same way. I want every single Hare Polish, and my wallet really hates me for it! This one is soo pretty.

  3. I do the same thing as Lizzy or actually soak each nail in a cap of strengthening remover. Have you tried the glue method? This is a gorgeous gorgeous polish!

  4. if you like this glitter you should try OPI's metallic for life, from the nicki minaj collection.


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