Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Pin It Still trying to get the hang of taking pictures with my right hand haha. 100x easier with my left! I almost put my blog on hiatus until my nails grew back but, the show must go on!

So today I have 2 polishes from the Sinful Colors Holiday Shimmers Collection. I did purchase a 3rd, Winter Wonder. Winter Wonder is a known dupe for Zoya Fei Fei, sooooooooooo you can find Winter Wonder in my blog sale :]

Anyhow, jump over! I have swatches of Faceted and Nova.

Here's a close up of the bottles:

These two were the ones that stood out to me the most. There was a bunch of other pretty glitters, too! Just not any I thought I'd enjoy :P Well, one DID remind me of China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara, but I already have the China Glaze.

Geeze, I keep getting off track! Here's my swatches haha:

Sinful Colors Nova

Sinful Colors Nova

Sinful Colors Nova

Nova is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! It did surprise me a bit, I thought it was a dark green polish but it is actually a super dark blue polish (you can see new my cuticle). I would consider Nova a crelly, a jelly creme hybrid - I've seen posts say jelly... but, it's a lot more opaque than a traditional jelly. In this dark blue crelly, you can find green glitter. Truly a pretty and I think the most unique in the collection. 

I did 2 coats, no undies. You could possibly get away with one, depending how you polish, to get more of a brighter blue than a deep navy. The formula was thicker than I'm used to with most Sinful Colors polishes, I was expecting 3 coats to cover honestly. However, the formula wasn't horrible and was easy to work with.

This polish kind of reminds me of Cult Nails Living Water.

Next, Max Factor Fantasy Fire was staring in the face saying "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuseeeeeee meeeee". So I did haha:

Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Sinful Colors Nova

Max Factor Fantasy Fire over Sinful Colors Nova

I did 1 coat of Fantasy Fire over Nova. How stinkin' pretty is THAT!!! I love how you can still see the green glitter through Fantasy Fire.

Then I added Faceted over the combo above:

Sinful Colors Faceted over Nova and Fantasy Fire

Sinful Colors Faceted over Nova and Fantasy Fire

Weeeeeeee! I like it! :] I did 1 coat of Faceted over the Nova and Fantasy Fire combo from above. Faceted is a mix of small purple glitter with iridescent bar glitter. I know bar glitter isn't everyone's thang. But I love it haha, which is why I bought this polish. Good news? The bar glitter does NOT stick up after applied. YAY! Always good news for bar glitter lovers!

I purchased these two pretties at Rite Aid in the middle of October. I'm not sure if they've hit Walgreen's stores yet. Hopefully soon!

Price: $1.99
Where to Find: Rite Aid, Walgreen's (potentially)

Have a fantasticccc day!


  1. Wow. That is some fun layering. So glad you didn't go on hiatus!! It can be awkward, but at least this way your right hand doesn't feel like a second class citizen. ;)

  2. Bought Nova at Walgreens a couple of weeks ago! Love it!!! :D

  3. great layering combo! I have both Nova and Faceted, love them both!


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