Friday, November 30, 2012

Striping Tape Gradient Manicure

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I've been trying to do some nail art but every top coat seems to be ruining it :[ JUST purchased some Seche Vite so thankfully nail art will resume soon, Decemer 5th-10th I'm told haha.

I DID however do a little striping tape manicure. I've seen a lot of gradient and striping tape manicures. I've always wanted to do one! However, they're usually super bright colors and a black polish on top. I'm not a fan of black manicures on me, so I tweaked it a little :P

Pictures and tutorial after the jump

So I used some metallic polishes, gold and silver more specifically, to create a gradient and used a dark blue polish instead of black. Here's some more pictures:

I really liked how this turned out, awesome for fall! :]

Here's what I used and a short tutorial on how to recreate the look:

Revlon Colorstay Midnight
Out the Door top coat
Pure Ice Silver Mercedes
Maybelline Color Show Bold Gold
Striping Tape
Cleanup Brush
Makeup Sponge (not pictured - OOPS!)

1) Using the makeup sponge (the one I left out of the picture), create a gradient on your nail with 2+ colors. Add a layer of top coat to prevent the polish from pulling up with the tape.
2) Use striping tape to create a pattern on your nails.
3) Coat your nail in the top layer of polish. (In the picture is Orly Shockwave, I changed the color after I didn't like the combo haha)
4) After you polish is dry, remove the striping tape and seal the design in with a layer of top coat!

TAHHHDAHHHHHH! :D Not super fancy nail art but it will tide you over for a bit ;]

If you saw on my Facebook post, I said I was going to take a short break from my blog this weekend. When all my pictures from my phone got lost, I lost a TON of swatch photos :[ I wasn't going to blog on Saturday or Sunday. BUT I decided to do a nail art challenge for Christmas, so I will be posting on Sunday lol

Have a great Friday night!


  1. This is gorgeous!!! Don't you just love tape manis!?! I sure do and yours is great!!

  2. Great tape mani! And I love the blue. :)

  3. Oh my goodness I have to get some striping tape... that looks great!

  4. So pretty! I just got striping tape! I hope my turns out as well as yours did!


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