Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veterans Day! US Navy Inspired Nail Art

Pin It Happy Veterans Day to all the Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and Soldiers who have defended our country's freedom and those still defending. Please take time today and thank a veteran or active duty military member today! I'm sure you'll bring a smile to their face :]

I haven't done a "the list" manicure for awhile. If you're new to L&L, "the list" is a list of manicure suggestions that I was given during a giveaway. I decided to make a list of them and work my way down as a way for me to continually practice my nail art! If you're interested in what is on "the list" you can find a picture of it, here.

So, I figured today would be a perfect day for a US Navy inspired mani! Ironically, the next suggestion on the list was Navy inspired.

Jump over for more pictures :]

The inspiration from my manicure comes the cape on the back of the US Navy's dress blue uniform:

I did a more abstract version. I was going to do a "left" and a "right" connected with the stripes in between but, that was too much dark for me. So, I stuck to one side to keep the manicure looking uniform. I like how it came out, my husband says it's "wrong" LOL. Whatever!

And there you have it! A US Navy inspired manicure in honor of Veterans Day! I used Butter London Royal Navy for the navy color - btw, it's super hard to find a color to match their uniforms. I swear on my life the dress blues are truly black haha... I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the white details and accent nail. And for the anchor, I used Zoya Ziv.  I wasn't going to brave out making freehand stars again, I just suck at it haha. So, I used the same star from my 4th of July mani, part of Konad plate m3. I used a striping brush for the lines and the anchor :]

If it looks a little wonky, uneven or if you noticed the freaking smudge on the middle finger. I swear on my life it WAS a perfect manicure:

I've run out of Seche Vite and I don't have any Seche Restore to fix the issue. So, I used the top coat I have been frequently using, HK Girl. Who apparently is NOOOOOOOOOT a fan of white detailing. *sigh* So I ended up redoing an entire nail and having to redo about every stripe in this manicure 3-4 times with Out the Door, Color Club clear top coat, some fast dry top coat from Sally's I got for free, and Butter London Hardware top coat. And no, I didn't find one that didn't smear my white :[ It was truly the most FRUSTRATING thing of the day, I wanted to cry LOL. So excuse my dry cuticles, I just had to prove it was once totally flawless.

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Happy Veterans Day!


  1. wow great mani!
    It must be so annoying taht all of your topcoats didn't like the white lines the way they supposed to be!

  2. Awesome awesome awesome mani! lol I'd thank my dad, but he'd just look at me like I was on crack. ;)

  3. Your mani is beautiful! My sweetheart was in the Navy too. He was a Seal and served two tours of 'Nam. We were together the better part of 28 1/2 yrs. He just passed 9-14-12. Thank you for posting this, I will do this soon, to honor my sailor :) Be safe, God bless.



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