Monday, November 5, 2012

Lacey's 4-1-1 on Yoga Hair Ties

Pin It Yoga hair ties... a whosawhatsit ties?! Haha I've had so many questions about these wonderful hair ties since I mentioned them in my VoxBox Review. I figured I'd just write a quick blog post on them since not everyone has heard of them!

My yoga hair tie stash haha

I had more at one point but... Scout, my dog, loves them just as much as I do. *sigh*

I  let Elizabeth over at Lizzie Star know on Etsy that I was sending people her way and shot me a quick thank you for referring a few customers after my VoxBox review!

Cute packaging and a thank you from Lizzie Star

So I thought this would be a nice thank you post for her AND to give you guys the quick 4-1-1 about these little hair ties!

I first heard about yoga hair ties when I received one in a Birchbox at the beginning of the year. They have become seemingly popular and are starting to popup being made by different brands. They were apparently made popular by Jennifer Aniston and Anthropologie. When I got mine in my Birchbox, I loved it. I wore it ALL THE TIME. But it was orange, and I wanted a variety ;] (I'm a nail polish collector... the heck do you expect from me?!)

So I did a little searching and price comparison online. Birchbox wanted $16 FOR THREE! PFT, over my dead body am I paying THAT price. That's how I found Lizzie Starr. After searching through Etsy and other places, her quantity for the price beat out everyone. I've seen similar ties at CVS, atlethic apparel stores (Lululemon, Athleta), and Ulta, but they're usually $5+ for 3 or less.

Here's a quick shot of most of the items in her store to get an idea of prices:
5 hair ties = $6.75+        6 hair ties = $8.25+
7 hair ties = $9.50+        8 hair ties = $10.75+
9 hair ties = $12.25+    10 hair ties = $13.95+
13 hair ties =  $13.95+ 20 hair ties = $13.95 +
50 hair ties = $28.95 +
(I'm sure I missed some, but you get the point!)

If you get a random assortment, you get a better deal it seems. I put + after the price because it depends on the color mixture you get like, tie dye or metallic will cost more than a solid. My first order was the 13 hair ties, and I still have a TON left.

Onto the hair ties:

Yoga hair tie VS elastic (plus my pretty watch)

A yoga hair tie is wider than a regular elastic hair tie but, a lot less thick and less dense. They are made out of a polyester, light weight, very stretchy material. Yoga hair ties are marketed as a hair tie that also functions as a bracelet. I ALWAYS have a hair tie on my wrist and I like the look of them more than a regular elastic band.

You use it just like you would use any other type of hair tie! Nothing fancy to it :]

My Myspace-esque picture showing off my hair tie

These hold just as long as a regular hair tie, if not better... it just depends on your hair and how well it will stay, you know? My hair is naturally super shiny and usually stuff is slipping off my hair all the time and these stay pretty well in comparison to elastics.

The main reason why I recommend these to people is that they DO NOT LEAVE DENTS in your hair like a regular elastic does.I have long hair and I don't blow dry it. I always like putting my hair up but, I was always conflicted because elastics left obvious dents on my hair. Until I met these babies! I can wake up after I fall asleep with wet hair and there are 0 dents. Even if I straighten my hair and pull it into a pony tail, no dents again!

They also don't pull or snag your hair when you take them out like elastics can. They're awesome, pretty much haha. Yeah, they're more expensive... BUT they last longer than a regular elastic. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown out regular elastics because they stretched out and wouldn't hold hair anymore. These do stretch out over time, so I've observed, but they don't lose their hold one bit. I think these are a good investment for anyone who frequently uses hair ties.

No, they don't JUST make them in crazy colors, you can buy natural hair colored ties too! I don't have any in my stash because my devil puppy ate them all ughhhh haha.

Interested in purchasing yoga hair ties? I HIGHLY recommend Lizzie Starr's hair ties. (110% honesty) They are just as good as, if not better, quality than the one I received in my birchbox! She also has lightning fast shipping, everyone loves that!

You can purchase from her Etsy store, or from her new website, She also makes headbands out of the same material. I haven't tried them yet but I want to since I've never found a hairband-like headband that has stayed put! Have a question about her products or request, contact her! She's super sweet.

I also just discovered she has a Facebook page soooo, chhhhhhheck it out!

I hope this answered any questions you may have about these yoga hair ties! If not, feel free to ask! I'll try to answer them the best I can :] I'm not like an expert or anything... just a big fan of these hair ties! How awesome would these be for gifts too? A lot cooler than giving boring elastics for a birthday or holiday present haha xP I know I'd love to get some!

See you tomorrow, WITH POLISH! :D


  1. Oooh this is interesting! I'm always wearing a hair tie around my wrist too and sometimes it can ruin an outfit if its a boring black band, but these are easy to match! :)

  2. These are great!!! Love them.

  3. Oh I need these. I wear my hair up like 99% of my life hahaha. I've never seen these here though!

  4. I always have my hair up, and a tie around my wrist, so i'm loving these! Just bought some. :)

  5. Thanks for this review! I'm going to order some right now!

  6. Just placed my order!! I'm super excited. I have been looking for hair ties that will hold my hair and not leave a dent for what feels like forever!! Found this blog completely accidentally because of your review of the box/hair product (which I am also going to purchase!) and am so glad I did. Thanks!

  7. do you have think hair? i bought some from ulta and they dont even wrap around my hair twice!!! how stretchy are these?

  8. I have curly hair and every time I use a regular elastic band when I put my hair up, it leaves obvious dents and I hate that! I'm gonna have to order some of these when I get paid.. these sound like a good investment!


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