Tuesday, November 20, 2012

PURE ICE: French Twist

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Pure Ice French Twist

Today I have one of the Limited Edition Pure Ice polishes I picked up from Walmart, French Twist! I believe this is from the Party Glam Collection. Or at least that's what I'm getting from display pictures online, my store didn't spend time trying to separate or organize the polishes haha...

ANYWAYS! Swatches after the jump :]

I'm not normally a black polish wearer but, the blue glitter really stood out to me! At $2 a bottle, it was worth a shot haha.

Pure Ice French Twist

And here are my swatches of French Twist :]

Pure Ice French Twist over black

Pure Ice French Twist over black

Pure Ice French Twist over black

Pretty cool looking, huh? I think I got it mostly because it reminded me of Revlon Scandalous / Facets of Fuchsia. This is a black jelly polish with hex and smaller blue glitter. The glitter isn't a sky blue and it isn't turquoise, somewhere in between. Very awesome looking while peeking through the black!

I did 1 coat over a black creme polish. I was impressed with the glitter coverage and the decent dry time. I imagine you would want to wait a few to keep the layers from sliding around. I was pretty impressed :]

I wanted to see what 2 layers looked like. I mostly wanted to see if it would create a sandwich look:

2 coats Pure Ice French Twist over black

Honestly just looks like more glitter haha. I think if you don't use undies the layering will be more sandwich like.

I don't have many Pure Ice polishes, I had 2 (Busted and Heart Breaker) and then I bought 4 more yesterday since they are LE and were pretty cool looking! Any you recommend?

These don't seem to be in EVERY Walmart, even Pure Ice said on their Facebook, "select stores". I found them in 1 out of 3 stores. Good luck if you're looking for them! Hopefully yours will be an unpicked over display like mine was haha.
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Price: $1.97
Where to Find: Walmart

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. That's stunningly beautiful!! I like the two layers best, but that's because I love glitter - the more the better :D

  2. Oh my gosh, that is mighty gorgeous! I really like it!

    Jazz x

  3. Fantastic! I've found Pure Ice in every WalMart I've been to but haven't seen these yet! Must. Go. Shop. NOW!

  4. Unfortunately Walmart has no respect for polish enthusiasts. :p French Twist looks awesome. If they still have it next time I go back I'll probably be picking that up. ;)

    1. I guess, to be fair, on the 3rd day someone at my walmart took the time to number the display so if you could find the polish you could figure out which collection it came from. :p lol


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