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ZOYA: Summer 2015 Island Fun Collection [Nana, Demetria, Jace, Cecilia, Talia, & Serenity]

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Zoya Island Fun Summer 2015 Collection
(L->R)  Nana, Demetria, Jace, Cecilia, Talia,  and Serenity

Let's start back swatching with a bang! Today, I have the latest summer collection from Zoya, well half - Island Fun. This half of the collection is filled with fun, colorful cremes. If you haven't seen these polishes and love color... prepare yourself.

Zoya Nana
Zoya Nana

First up is Nana, a "deep summer fuchsia", kind of a berry color. A great staple color to have on hand, in my opinion. I also like that it's not super bright even though this is a summer collection.

I did 2 coats of Nana. The application was great and easy to work with. It had that typical Zoya creme formula that I love - opaque and awesome. No dry time issues.

Zoya Demetria
Zoya Demetria

Next is Demetria, a "vibrant poppy red". A very nice shade of red! I like how it's a bright and fun red creme without being too in your face. Love me a good red in the summer!

I did 2 coats of Demetria. Again, I had no issues. The application and coverage was great. Dry time was without problems.

Zoya Jace
Zoya Jace

Jace is a "modern tropical green... A green that is more muted than lime". I'm not 100% sold on this green yet. It's a little too pea green for my taste. Although I wear greens a lot, I feel like this one would need to be stamped over if I'm going to wear it.

I did 3 coats of Jace. The finish was a smidge on the crelly side, so the coats were a tad more sheer. 3 coats were still not an issue. The formula was easy to work with and dry time was great.

Zoya Cecilia

Zoya Cecilia

The next polish is Cecilia, a "classic teal" creme. This is such a gorgeous color , I'm very happy that it's a part of is collection! For some reason I always forget about teal nail colors.

I did 2 coats of Cecilia. I didn't run into any issues with this polish. The application, formula and dry time were wonderful. (Zoya does note on their website that this polish is highly pigmented and is prone to staining. I didn't notice any but I'd definitely double up on base coat to be safe!)

Zoya Talia
Zoya Talia

Talia is a "true turquoise" blue creme polish. I keep referring to this as "the blue version of Cecilia" in my head LOL. I don't see this as a turquoise, more of a deep blue teal... Maybe if it was a little lighter I'd be more comfortable with calling it a turquoise ;] But that's just me

I did 2 coats of Talia. The formula was great, opaque and didn't give me any issues. Dry time was awesome, as usual. (Another note on Zoya.com about staining on this one. It stained my nails just from 5 mins of wear so I'd definitely recommend a coat or 2 of base coat.)

Zoya Serenity
Zoya Serenity

Last, but not least, is Serenity: a "summer purple reminiscent of blooming irises a harbinger of summer". (Anyone else just learn what the word harbinger was? Lmao thanks, Zoya!) Serenity is the slightly more blue version of my favorite Zoya purple, Mira. I'm all on board with this polish!

I did 2 coats of Serenity. I did have any issues - great formula, application, and dry time. 6 for 6 on great formulas in this collection!

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Price: $9 each / $54 for the Collection
Where to Find: Website, Product Locator

I really, really love this collection from Zoya. Then again, I love any collection of creme polishes from Zoya hahaha. They just have such awesome formulas I can't complain about. If I had to pick 2 from this collection, I'd have to go with Serenity and Cecilia... But just buy them all, k?

I'll have swatches of their shimmery counterparts - the Paradise Sun Collection, sooooooon.

These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.

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