Friday, May 1, 2015

Forget Me Not Friday - SINFUL COLORS SINFULSHINE: Prosecco

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SinfulShine Prosecco

Hello, hello! It's finally FRIDAY, so here we are with another round of Forget Me Not Friday. This week's contender is Sinful Colors SinfulShine Prosecco. If you hang out around Instagram, you know this polish was a BIG deal last fall. Naturally, when people make a big deal out of things on Instagram... I have to buy them. SO let's see if this was worth the hype?

SinfulShine Prosecco
SinfulShine Prosecco
SinfulShine Prosecco

Prosecco is a light taupe creme with tiny iridescent gold flakies. I feel like this could be related to Zoya Jules, which I blog sale-d because I hated how it looked on me LOL! BUT for some reason I like this on me more than Jules, I think because it isn't as metallic. Prosecco is nice soft shade with that gorgeous flakie shimmer. You can't deny that this polish is pretty, don't even lie to yourself ;]

I did 3 coats of Prosecco. It built up nicely but still seemed kind-of-sort-of patch, my poor pinky nail. Thankfully, it wasn't super apparent. I was shocked by the dry time. 90% of the time when I use SinfulShine polishes the dry time is awful. However, Prosecco had an awesome dry time which made building it up worthwhile.

I admit it: #worththehype

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You might have seen the Prosecco hype last fall. Everyone on Instagram was scrambling and buying as many of these gosh darn polishes they could get their polished hands on. Besides this polish being gorgeous, people were scrambling because Sinful Colors has killed the SinfulShine line... Understandable, that line (IMHO) sucked.

Dropped the polish info to just their links since the prices/locations aren't relevant anymore haha. If you're in search of Prosecco, or any other SinfulShine polishes for that matter, your best bet is either blog sales or Big Lots (Where Sinful Colors go to die lmao).

Happy Friday!
I bought this myself. Is that good enough for you, Federal Trade Commission?

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