Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BORN PRETTY STORE: QJ-1034 Nail Wraps + BP-57 Stamping Plate

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Born Pretty Store QJ-1034 Nail Wraps

HAPPY HUMP DAYYYYY! Today I have some nail wrap sticker things from Born Pretty Store. Funny story, I have zero interest in football but I chose this sticker set because of the stripe designs LOL.

Born Pretty Store BP-57 plate and QJ-1034 Nail Wraps

I had a kind of punk rock idea in my head, but I lost it because I didn't write it down *facepalm* so I paired it with the stamping plate, BP-57, I did not review the other day (posted here). I think they ended up working out nicely together! I wish the dark green stripe was black, which I thought it was when I ordered, but it works.

(I also thought that I received all the images shown on the listing, but you have to choose which style you want - OOPS! Kind of sad because I totally was digging those eyeballs haha)

The stickers were very easy to work with. If you're familiar with the Sally Hansen nail polish strips, they're about the same quality as those.  The images printed on them were well done and the lines were crisp.

I did have issues with these stickers staying down on my nails, you can see the small folds on the sides of my nails. I later fixed them (sorry I forgot to take a picture!) the way I fix the Sally Hansen ones when they do that, smooth them out very, very CAREFULLY with a brush dipped in acetone.

Don't forget, you can also get a 10% discount on any order using my discount code, LACJ61, and Born Pretty Store always offers FREE shipping!

What do you think of this interesting mani I created? hahaha It's a little different from my norm but I think the designs played well with each other.

Love ya!
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