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SUPERCHIC LACQUER: High Voltage Collection Part II [Splice, Short Circuit, Tripped, & Jolt]

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SuperChic Lacquer High Voltage Collection
(L->R) Splice, Short Circuit, Tripped, and Jolt

Happy Hump Dayyyyyyy (no, that'll never get old to me lmao). If you saw my post yesterday, I reviewed Part I of SuperChic Lacquer's High Voltage Collection. Today I have Part II, some of the cooler shades. But not too cool, these chrome polishes are packing an electrified punch! Check them out after the jump!

Just a note: For some reason the last 3-4 days in San Diego have been cloudy AF. Which sucks because these would look AMAZINGGG in the sun. So, in place of the sun I took a few swatches under my desk lamp, which has a warmer bulb since it shows the holo off a little better than my usual cool bulbs :]

SuperChic Lacquer Splice
SuperChic Lacquer Splice - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Splice

Splice is a chrome "electrified blue-green ... turquoise" with a strong linear holo effect. This is so gorgeous it almost makes me sick! I knew this was going to be a favorite from looking at it in the bottle but hot damn.

I did 3 coats of Splice. I had no issues with application; it was very easy to work with. Great, quick dry time.

SuperChic Lacquer Short Circuit
SuperChic Lacquer Short Circuit - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Short Circuit

Next up is Short Circuit, a "flaming hot blue" chrome with linear holo sparkle. Gorgeous medium blue, almost like a peacock shade of blue. I wish I could see this in the sun :( but my warm desk light will do for nowwww haha.

I did 3 coats of Short Circuit. One again, a great formula and application that I can't complain about. Dry time was awesome.

SuperChic Lacquer Tripped
SuperChic Lacquer Tripped - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Tripped

Another blue! This is Tripped, a "radiant blue" chrome holo with "an intense deep glow of periwinkle". This reminds me a lotttt of Lush Lacquer Pow Chica Wow Wow, which is great because I think that's discontinued. What a stunning deep bright blue this polish is!

I did 2 coats of Tripped. This was the most opaque in the collection making 2 coats the perfect amount of polish. Same great formula, application, and dry time. I can't complain about this one.

SuperChic Lacquer Jolt
SuperChic Lacquer Jolt - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Jolt

Last but not least is a purple! Jolt is an "illuminated electrical storm of purple lighting". This medium purple chrome plus the linear holo is pretty magical. I need some unicorns for this mani!

I did 3 coats of Jolt. Nice smooth application with no issues. Dry time was great like the rest of the collection!

W111 stamped over SuperChic Lacquer High Voltage polishes

I did mani similar to the one I did yesterday. These colors were ocean-y to me so I wanted a stamp that reminded me of waves. I did random dots of color with the brushes and then stamped Winstonia W111 in white. I'm loving thissssss!!

This collection goes on sale 5/8 at 4PM PST. don't forget to use my code: SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL on for 10% off any order, no minimum.

POLISH INFORMATIONBrand: SuperChic Lacquer
Website | Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Price: Full sized $10 each
Where to Find: Website, Etsy
Coupon Code:  10% off - SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL (only on

If you missed the warmer shades from the High Voltage Collection, be sure to check them out here! What polish from this half caught your eye?!

Love ya!
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