Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SUPERCHIC LACQUER: High Voltage Collection Part I [Hot Finger, Reverse Polarity, Electrified, & Live Wire]

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SuperChic Lacquer High Voltage Collection
(L->R)  Hot Finger, Reverse Polarity, Electrified, and Live Wire

Hi guys! Today, I have the first half of the SuperChic Lacquer's newest polishes - the High Voltage Collection. This collection consists of 8 brightly colored chrome polishes with wicked holographic finishes. I have the warmer shades to share with you in this post, check them out after the jump!

Just a note: For some reason the last 3-4 days in San Diego have been cloudy AF. Which sucks because these would look AMAZINGGG in the sun. So, in place of the sun I took a few swatches under my desk lamp, which has a warmer bulb since it shows the holo off a little better than my usual cool bulbs :]

SuperChic Lacquer Hot Finger
SuperChic Lacquer Hot Finger - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Hot Finger

First up is Hot Finger, "hot shocking pink" with crazy holographic awesomeness. I feel like I've seen this shade of pink holo a million times before but not in a hot pink shade? It's more vibrant in real life... if I had the sun - you'd see this UGH. Trust me?

I did 3 coats of Hot Finger. It had a nice smooth application and built up nicely. It dried super quickly and I have no complaints!

SuperChic Lacquer Reverse Polarity
SuperChic Lacquer Reverse Polarity - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Reverse Polarity

Reverse Polarity is a "coppery flash of tangerine" with a sparkly linear holographic effect. I didn't like this orange on me at first, but it grew on me as I was swatching it LOL. I feel like this is an awesome color for Summertime! I need to pair this with a white and blue polish to make SHSU proud ;]

I did 4 coats of Reverse Polarity. 4th coat was needed to cover up some patchiness. This polish dries super quick and has a great application. Can't complain. While this one used 1 extra coat in comparison to the others in this post, it really didn't make too much of a difference timewise. (That's a lot coming from someone who has a "stops at 3" rule LOL)

SuperChic Lacquer Electrified
SuperChic Lacquer Electrified - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Electrified

This polish is insane. I can honesty say I have NOTHING like it in my collection. Let me introduce you to it haha Electrified is an "amplified lemonade" with crazy linear holographic sparkles. This is a electric, very yellow toned gold polish. As much as I love this polish, it's not doing me any favors against my skin this week haha. Damn you eczema flare ups.

I did 3 coats of Electrified. I though this would take more than 3 coats but it's a pretty darn opaque. Application is awesome and gave me no issues. Like the others, this had an amazing dry time.

SuperChic Lacquer Live Wire
SuperChic Lacquer Live Wire - warm light
SuperChic Lacquer Live Wire

Last but not least is Live Wire, "an intense lime shade" of green. I feel like everyone is going to go "DUHHHHHHHHH LACEY" hahahaha but honestly, I was iffy about this green. Polishes that remind me of apple Jolly Ranchers aren't ones that I like, but I really really really really really really like this one. I don't even have anything else to say besides how much I like it hahaha.

I did 3 coats of Live Wire. No complaints once again, great application and great dry time. All these polishes have been great to work with so far :]

VL010 stamped over SuperChic High Voltage polishes

These 4 colors together PLUS the holographicness is WILD. So, I thought it was fitting to add some animal print to it? LOL I wish I had some sunlight because I can only imagine how awesome this would look. I used Vivid Lacquer plate VL010 for this mani.

Take 10% off at www.SuperChicLacquer.com when these polishes are released on May 8th at 4PM PST (or anytime/any polishes you like!) - just use code SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL.

POLISH INFORMATIONBrand: SuperChic Lacquer
Website | Etsy | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest
Price: Full sized $10 each
Where to Find: Website, Etsy
Coupon Code:  10% off - SUPERCHICFAN0415LAL (only on SuperChicLacquer.com)

Which is your favorite? Can't wait to show you the other 4 tomorrow!

Have a good one!
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