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BORN PRETTY STORE: Stamping Review - BP-L016, BP-L019, la Qin An Stamping Polish, & Stamping Set

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BP-L016, BP-L019, la Qin An Stamping Polish, and Stamping Set

(Yup, that picture is awful hahaha) Hi thererrreeee! Today I have a review of some stamping plates, stamper/scraper combo, and a black stamping polish from Born Pretty Store. Check out some nail art,my thoughts,  and close up of the plates after the jump!

Born Pretty Store plates

The plates they sent me were (better pictures in the links LOL. I'll never figure out how to freakin take pictures of these plates... maybe I should stamp them on paper... now I think of that! -.-):
- BP-L016, which is a vintage, Paris, damask, unicorn themed plate.
- BP-L019, which is a 100% owl themed plate.
- BP-57, it's described as "cool skull eye". Noooottttt really sure what's going on in this plate. Skulls, pirate, anarchy, fangs, eye masks, eye ball, "be your own hero" quote.

Born Pretty Store plate BP-L016 using la Qin An stamping polish

First up is the mani I used the BP-L016 plate for. I created a kind of French mani. This was my favorite plate. It has a bunch of fun designs and is well etched. The details of some of the prints are great! I'm not one for faces or the "I love you" stamps, but they're on there if you want them haha.

The light pink is Revlon Peach Petal and the dark pink is Wet n Wild Megalast Beat of the Generation. I used the stamping polish they sent me, la Qin An. I've never used stamping polish in my entire life, I just use normal polish. I've tried Konad special polish and it NEVERRRR worked for me (story of why I gave up stamping 2010-11).

This la Qin An (I think that's what's called? LOL) stamping polish is weird. It smells like kids cough syrup, which is neither bad or good to me haha. It's VERY VERY opaque. It almost reminds me of ink more than polish? It stamped pretty well but it was a PITA to clean up. If you have a teeny-tiny mark of this polish it creates a huge mess. So I'd recommend some liquid latex for clean up unless you want to spend time scrubbing around your cuticles. I accidentally got a drip of acetone on the damask print and it blew out the design - BAD. If I used regular polish, nothing would of happened...

If you're like me, I top coat before stamping that way if I mess it up, I can just wipe it off with some remover. That's not possible with this la Qin An polish - again, big-o-mess.

HOWEVER - top coat will not smear your design. Probably the #1 reason I'd use this polish. I thought it would after how it acted when the acetone dropped on it. But nope, no smearing *thumbs up*

Born Pretty Store plate BP-L019

Next up is the BP-L019 plate, the one with the owls! I had a hard time with this plate... The designs are cute but I'm not sure it's etched deep enough so the designs don't pick up as well as the first plate. I tried the la Qin An stamping polish, no go. I tried the stamper they sent me, didn't even pick up regular polish or stamping polish. So I used another squishy stamper and my regular black polish.

For this mani I used Barielle Ebony Rainbow, Zoya Wednesday and Zoya Reagan. Filled in the heart with Wednesday because it didn't stamp 100%, plus it looks nicer that way :P

The stamper is pretty great, it's squish and picks up nicely. I used it to stamp designs at the end of this post and this post. However, it's a little on the small side. It's the perfect length for my nails at the moment, any longer and it wouldn't work out. I wish it was a little wider because I have to place it EXACT to get it to fill my whole nail without awkward gaps on the side. This would probably be good mostly for the single small designs or smaller nails.

Don't forget, you can also get a 10% discount on any order using my discount code, LACJ61, and Born Pretty Store always offers FREE shipping!

I was struggling with the last plate so I'm skipping it for today haha. Plus, I think it would look nice with some of the nail stickers they sent me. So, stay tuned next week to see those :P

Stay polished,
These items were sent for review. My opinions of the brand are my own and are not influenced in any way. Please read the disclaimer tab for more information about my reviews.


  1. Gorgeous manicures, looking forward to see what else you got :)

    1. thanks so much! Hopefully I'll get to the rest this week :D


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