Monday, October 22, 2012

10/22 Manic-ure Giveaway Monday

Pin It Here's another weekly installation of Manic-ure Giveaway Monday!

Before you jump on over, make sure you check out my giveaway! I have a total of 9 international prizes! Don't forget your daily share entries, those are the entries that seem to win all my giveaways ;] It ends on the 29th!

These are the giveaways I've seen on my Facebook feeds, Google, Twitter, Blog feed and emailed to me. If I missed yours and haven't posted it yet, please email me ( with the link to the giveaway and I will put your giveaway in next week's post! :]

My compilation is after the jump!

(Multiple Prizes)

(Multiple Prizes)

Etsy - $10 GC Giveaway {Ends ? - It's not loading for me right now}

("In order to participate, you have to create a nail art with the theme Halloween")

Girly Bits - Giveaway {Ends 11/15}

(Comment saying what polish you want the most)

(Multiple Prizes)

(Multiple Prizes)
Sassy Shelly - Celebration Giveaway {Ends 11/6}

I'm Still Thinnking... - Giveaway {Ends ...24 days haha}

(Multiple Prizes)

Forgive my "ends in xx days" I didn't feel like counting today, too hazy right now!

Missed last weeks post? Check it out here! Some of the giveaways in the 10/8 post run until 10/31, so here's a link to that also :]

Hope this makes your Monday brighter!


  1. I love that you do this, it makes it so easy for everyone :) Thanks!

  2. Aw, my giveaway ends this week :(
    but thanks for the compilation!

  3. Thanks for the hard work! I think it's funny (just like when I bookmark them for myself) I don't mind doing the work of finding all the giveaway's...but when they say 'ends in 23 or 28 days'...then I DO NOT want to count it up to figure out the ending date!! Haha, we're mathematically lazy ;P


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