Friday, October 5, 2012


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Franken Frosting Cookie Sweet

Today, I'm reviewing a polish from a newer indie brand called Franken Frosting. How cute is that brand name?! And how cute are their labels!
I came across Franken Frosting one Sunday while browsing Etsy on my phone. I was really drawn to the unique glitter mixes they had listed.

This, among others, was one I was particularly interested in:

Franken Frosting Cookie Sweet

How can you NOT be drawn to that?! This screamed fall to me and I loved how rich it looked.

Here are my swatches!

Franken Frosting Cookie Sweet

Franken Frosting Cookie Sweet

Franken Frosting Cookie Sweet

Franken Frosting Cookie Sweet

What a gorgeous brown polish! Look at those squares! Anyone else have a love for square glitter too? :]

Franken Frosting describes Cookie Sweet as, "sprinkled with chocolate colored glitter and a mix of gold squares and hexagons". All this is in a light brown creme base.

I did 2 coats of Cookie Sweet and it was pretty opaque. Now here's my semi letdown haha: I was expecting Cookie Sweet to be a clear glitter top coat, there's no info in the listing saying it is or isn't and at the time they had 0 swatches (they have some wheel swatches up now!). Maybe this is my fault for not asking but, it's still very pretty and I like it! So, I did have undies on - Essence Gorgeous Bling Bling, a rusty red. But, you can't tell at all.

I liked the amount of glitter the brush was able to hold onto and the coverage of glitter on the nail. The formula was smooth but, also a little thick - not unmanageable though.

I also matted it:

Franken Frosting Cookie Sweet with matte top coat

I reallyyyyyyyyyyy love it matted! Ahhhh so freaking pretty, I can't get over it!

If you're interested in Cookie Sweet or other Franken Frosting creations, you can find them on Etsy! If you see one you like, I recommend grabbing it! According to their listings "We try to make all colors unique, therefore, we will usually only make 1 to 3 varnishes per color". Each bottle is $8/full size.

Also, they're currently running a promo: "FREE Gift for purchases of $30 or more placed on 10/03/2012 beginning at 9pm through 10/05/2012 ending at 11pm ".

Hope you have a great Friday night and weekend!
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  1. Is it strange that the name of this polish and the way it looks makes me hungry? Yum, chocolatey! Very pretty too. But mostly it makes me want chocolate!

  2. I definitely want cookies now looking at that polish!

  3. whoa, i have no words for how amazing this looks!

  4. That definitely reminds me of cookies! Awesome polish.


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