Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/31 Go Pink Wednesday: Pink Gradient Nails

Pin It NOOOOO! It's our last Go Pink Wednesday together :[ As much as I hate pink haha, this was a fun project to do and I hope we did something good in our little (not so little) community or beyond!

A final thank you to Andrea of Finger Painting Fingers for putting together Go Pink Wednesday! I'm glad I was asked to participate these past 5 weeks. It's fun seeing what the other bloggers came up with :]

Go Pink Wedensday
If you followed my Go Pink Wednesday posts (If you haven't, check them out here!). As I do every Go Pink Wednesday post, breast cancer facts. Since this is the last post and all my facts have been mainly about women, these facts will be about the men. Although mens' risk for breast cancer is quite low, it is very possible. You must read themmmmmmm or else I'll come find you and MAKE you read them! ;]

1) "Breast cancer risk in men is increased by elevated levels of estrogen, previous radiation exposure, and a family history of breast cancer". Medicenenet

2) "In 2012, it is estimated that among U.S. men there will be: 2,190 new cases of breast cancer 410 breast cancer deaths".

3) "In men, breast cancer can happen at any age, but is most common in men who are between 60 and 70 years old".

So, feel your man's boobs! Ok. that's awkward... YAY MANICURE TIME! :|

More pictures and such after le jump!

TAHHHDAHHH! I was running out of ideas and this is what I came up with. I couldn't think of anything else besides putting this and putting boobs on my nails... so, I went with the safer choice hahaha...

These are the tools I used:

Revlon Oh My Magenta, Essie Off the Shoulder, (not pictured, my b) Revlon Colorstay Calla Lily, round flatback pearls, iridescent hearts, a sponge, orange stick, top coat.

There's no method to my gradients, well I guess there is? 

I just make two blobs on the paper close to one another, dip the sponge in it, and then lightly dab it on my nail. I do that until the color is opaque enough and I'm satisfied with the gradient. (One day I'll make a video on this like I day...)

Next, I added Revlon Colorstay Calla Lilly, which is my favorite top coat for gradients (a lot of people use China Glaze Fairy Dust, too - which I don't have lol). It's a pretty sheer white with gold shimmer. Then I added a awareness ribbon shape with the flat back pink pearls and some top coat (and the orange stick) to adhere them. I used the same shaping tutorial from this post, instead of paint - pearls. Then I got fancy and added an iridescent heart glitter in the center of the ribbon. 

Top coated it, and everything was good to go! I kind of wished I didn't slop on so much top coat on the accent nail because you can't see much shimmer from Calla Lily :[

OH WELL! Another day, another mani...

Remember, when it comes to breast cancer there's three main things you can do: 
Educate yourself, educate others, and donate to improve the education, treatment and research of breast cancer. For more information visit these websites:

Go Pink Wednesday is not a blogger exclusive event! Readers are highly encouraged to participate! I invite you to paint your nails pink and share with Finger Painting Fingers' and my Facebook page! 

For more information about Go Pink Wednesday, check out this post! I hope to see your pink nails today!

Happy hump day!


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