Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Themed Nail Art

Pin It Since tomorrow is Go Pink Wednesday AND Halloween, I decided to post my Halloween manicure today!

I'm kind of sad this is the only Halloween manicure I got around to doing this year but, at least it's cute and festive! Plus, I love me some candy corn! More pictures and details after the jump :]

I was actually super in love with how the manicure turned out :] Loving my widdle candy corns! I'm not a fan of black polish on me but this one with the silver shimmer gets me goin! So, the background is Wet n Wild Venomous Vixen! I used China Glaze Happy Go Lucky for the yellow, Essie Fear or Desire for the Orange and Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I used striping tape to make a triangle on my nail and then used my striping brush to fill in the area:

Pretty easy peasy if you're looking to replicate this! The hardest part was getting the triangles in the center of my nail and proportioning them so they all don't look like different sizes on different size nails! My pinky and pointer nails are significantly skinnier than my middle and ring nails!

Sorry if my hand looks red, I'm not sure why! They don't look red to me in real life so I'm not sure what's going on :| OH WELL!

Hope you have a Happy Halloween and lots of fun, if you celebrate! If not, you should ;] haha jk

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Love this look! Candy Corn nails are my favorite :D

  2. I have candy corn nails, too!!! It's actually National Candy Corn Day, how perfect are your nails for that? :-)

  3. I love the black nails and the candy corns popping out :D
    Great design

  4. That is super cute! Even if candy corn is totally gross... LOL


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