Sunday, October 28, 2012

TIPSY TURVY NAILS: Don't Fall Asleep

Pin It Halloween is soon approaching so, how about another Halloweeny polish?!

Tipsy Turvy Nails Don't Fall Asleep

Tipsy Turvy Nails is a newer polish brand made by the sister duo over at Can't Hold My Lacquer! They have a good chunk of polishes in their store right now and I am excited to show you one from their Horror Series line!

I feel kind of silly, I had been holding on to this baby for awhile because I thought it was a Christmas themed polish *embaressed* I've never seen Nightmare on Elm Street... so silly Lacey assumed from the colors and the name it was a Christmas polish. Glad I realized it sooner than later when I read the shop description!

Here's a bottle shot of Don't Fall Asleep:

Tipsy Turvy Nails Don't Fall Asleep over Sinful Colors Envy

And here are the swatchessssss!

Tipsy Turvy Nails Don't Fall Asleep over Sinful Colors Envy

Tipsy Turvy Nails Don't Fall Asleep over Sinful Colors Envy

Tipsy Turvy Nails Don't Fall Asleep over Sinful Colors Envy

Hey, it could work as a Christmas polish too! >.< LOL Anyways! The girls describe Don't Fall Asleep as "a light emerald green base with tiny silver, small black hexes, matte green hexes and matte red squares. It just screams 'Look, it's Freddy's sweater!!!'". I missed the connection LOL BUT! It is a pretty cool polish!

I did 1 coat over Sinful Colors Envy. I tried layering it over other colors but, through trial and error, it's best to keep Don't Fall Asleep over a green or maybe even a white polish. This polish goes on really smooth, it has a good glitter coverage, no dip and dab method needed and it dries fast. :]

You can find Tipsy Turvy Nails on Etsy, here! Full size polishes are $8.00 and minis are $4.00. To stay up to date on releases and more information you can find the Tipsy Turvy Nails Facebook Page, here. Also, don't forget to check out the girls' blog, Can't Hold My Lacquer, here!

Have a great night! Mwahahahaha!

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  2. I could have sworn it was a christmas polish silly me i love how this one looks .i missed the connection as well smh

  3. I definitely thought Christmas when I saw the polish!

    Jazz x


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