Friday, October 19, 2012

Not seeing my Facebook posts?!

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I interact a lot on my Facebook page. I post deals, coupons and other stuff I find that would be of interest to anyone who likes nail polish (or discounts!).

It has come to my attention Facebook is making it harder and harder for pages to interact with their fans, unless we pay for our posts (not happening).

Can you follow your favorite pages and make sure you're not missing out on the action?! Make sure you're on a computer when you do these steps (or you're viewing the full site on your mobile phone:

1) Go to my Facebook Page:
2) Go to the right hand side of the page, across from the page name under the cover photo.
3) Click on the "liked" button, or the setting's gear, then click on "add to interest list"
4) To view your interest list, go to your Facebook homepage and you can find the list on the left hand side of the menu under "INTERESTS". Do this for any pages or friends that you don't want to miss out on posts on!

Hope this helps! I love interacting and sharing with you guys beyond my blog! :]


  1. Done =) fb is becoming a nightmare making public pages harder to see and private profiles easier =/ xo

  2. Thankfully I get to see all of your posts. Anything to try and make a buck... -_-


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