Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Pin It Whoops! Took a nap after I uploaded the pictures and forgot to go write the post, that's why this is late! Worth the wait though, take a look!

Freak Show Polish - Snake Lady

Today I have one of many polishes I have from Freak Show Polish to show to you today! I know some of you are leery of buying newer Indies. Well, I hope along with some of my past swatches and today's, I can help change your mind! Take a jump, this one is worth looking at :]

Freak Show Polish is owned by one of the many lovely nail girls I follow on Instagram, Carissa (or @mrs_cbaker. I'm excited to share with you the 4-5 polishes I have recieved from her! Today I have Snake Lady.

As per usual, here is a bottle shot of Snake Lady,

Freak Show Polish, Snake Lady - bottle shot

Can I be honest? I wasn't expecting much from that bottle/mix but once I got it over Zoya Yara I fell in love:

Freak Show Polish Snake Lady over Zoya Yara

Freak Show Polish Snake Lady over Zoya Yara

Freak Show Polish Snake Lady over Zoya Yara

Freak Show Polish Snake Lady over Zoya Yara

How awesome is that combo? It reminds me of camouflage! With some iridescent glitter... and shimmer from Yara ;] Again, honestly I haven't worn Yara in a year. I never liked it but, I figured the right combo would come around... and it did. Carissa describes Snake Lady as a mix of "brown, black and white hex of various size to give a reptilian look to your manicure". The minute I saw "reptilian", I grabbed Yara and didn't look back! Glad I did. How awesome is that combo guys?! Easily one of my favorite in the year so far.

I did 1 coat over Zoya Yara. It's seeming that most of Freak Show Polishes, 1 coat is a good amount of glitter, awesome coverage. Of course, if you want more - go for it! I didn't have any application issues: everything was smooth, great glitter coverage (except for the white, which seemed to be kind of sparse but, I'm okay with that), good drying time, and no dip and dab.

This was truly a combo for the books!

If you're looking for more information about Carissa's Freak Show Polish, you can find her on Facebook. There, you can find news and discounts! Currently she has one for 10% off until 10/5/12, use code october10. To purchase her polishes you can find her store, here. You can purchase minis for $4.50 and full sized bottles for $9.00.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Gorgeous! definitely has that camouflage feel over the green!

  2. I love that combo Lacey it almost look like a camo pattern. Lovely glitter.

  3. Wow! That color combination is to die for!!

  4. Zoya Yara is one of my favs- I love that glitter combo! Definitely snakey :)


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