Friday, October 12, 2012

MAKEUP YOUR FACE: A Haunting We Must Go

Pin It Happy Friday! Only a short time until Halloween! I haven't gotten a chance yet to do some Halloween nail art, I will when I get home next week but, I do have another Halloween Indie for you guys!
Makeup Your Face A Haunting We Must Go

Good 'ol Makeup Your Face! This one is called A Haunting We Must Go. It's a Halloween themed glitter top coat. More pictures after the jump!
You may of noticed the little pumpkin on the brush cap. Lauren is adding spooky themed accents for Halloween, ribbons on her breast cancer awareness polishes, and winter themed accents on her upcoming winter collection. And, if you're wondering, they don't get in the way while painting. She did a nice job of gluing them down quite flat.

Another change/addition to Makeup Your Face Polishes, the charm that was previously on a pink ribbon on the cap is now glued to the top of the cap:

Makeup Your Face Bottle Detail

She also let me know that the charm being on the top also allows customers to sit the bottle on the cap, upside down if glitters should settle after sitting around for awhile, without tipping over! What a smart idea! Personally, I prefer them on the cap. Tied on bows never like me and I usually end up taking them off or if I'm being OCD that day, I stick a dab of hot glue on 'em.

Anyhow! Here is a quick close up of A Haunting We Must Go:

Makeup Your Face A Haunting We Must Go, close up

And here are my swatches:

Makeup Your Face A Haunting We Must Go over black

Makeup Your Face A Haunting We Must Go over black

Makeup Your Face A Haunting We Must Go over black

I'm not a fan of black polish, I used it as undies for A Haunting We Must Go, but the extreme shininess of this glitter makes it wearable black polish for me! A Haunting We Must Go is described as, "black, purple, green, and orange hexagons in a variety of sizes". This polish is nothing short of Halloween, that's for sure! I really do love it :]

I did 1 coat of A Haunting We Must Go over a black creme. I was pleasantly surprised how awesome the coverage 1 coat was! Everything was smooth, no clumping and no dipping and dab method needed :] It dried pretty fast and was totally smooth as butter after a coat of Seche Vite.
POLISH INFORMATION Brand: Makeup Your Face
Website | Facebook | Blog
Price: $8.00-9.50 full size and $4.25 minis
Where to Find: Etsy
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Have a great Friday!
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  1. looks really pretty! I love the bottle, too!

  2. Very pretty Halloween glitter, and I like the charms on the cap too!

  3. Hot dang, that is some serious Halloweeny glitter there!


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