Friday, April 13, 2012

ZOYA - GMA Promo Trio: Miley, Sweet & Pippa

Pin It If you saw my Facebook post about Zoya Remove+ and the love affair I have with it, then you know I didn't skip out on the GMA promo! How could I pass it up?! Haha I ended up settling on the "Trio #4" which included: Miley, Sweet and Pippa.

 L->R: Zoya Miley, Sweet and Pippa

I hate to say this. I never thought I would. I've met a Zoya I don't like, or even disappointed in :((((((
Pippa has been a yellow I've been dying to try. I LOVE yellow polishes and I have an obsession with ChG Lemon Fizz because the formula and dry time is amazing for a yellow creme. BUT I wanted a brighter more summery yellow! And I admit Pippa is the reason I chose this box haha.

Zoya Pippa: 2 coats

Forgive the mark on my pointer finger, silly cotton ball threads... Two coats of Pippa with no problems! It doesn't dry as fast as Lemon Fizz, but it isn't horrible and I can deal with it. Ahh I love how yellow this is! It's so bright and happy. Oh yellow cremes how you have a special place in my heart <3

Next is Sweet, I never can get enough of bubble gum, light pink cremes. I never wear them haha but I love them, they're usually my "go to polish" if I can't decide. Here's a swatch:

Zoya Sweet: 2 coats

It's a cute girly color! Very pink, sweet and happy. This was 2 coats with no issues. After I swatched it I got sad. Why? Because the FIRST thing that popped into my head was Zoya Shelby, from the new Beach Collection. And of course I have a comparison for you guys!

Bottle comparison of Zoya Shelby and Sweet.

Swatch comparison of Zoya Shelby and Sweet holding Sweet. 

Zoya Shelby and Sweet comparison holding a black bottle.

I even labeled them for you guys because they're so close. SO CLOSE! Like, when I looked at my hand in my lap I couldn't tell a difference kind of close. You can see the difference when I'm holding Sweet but when I'm holding the black bottle it's hard to tell! Haha obviously they're not the same. Sweet is *slightly* lighter than Shelby, but not by much... I'd say if you have one don't buy the other, unless you want to of course!

I'm thinking of swapping one but I don't know who to let go of haha

And here is my biggest disappointment from Zoya yet. I've always said until now "I've never met a Zoya I don't like". I can't say that anymore... Oh Miley...

Zoya Miley: 3 coats

Miley is a light purple-grey jelly like creme. I wanted it to be awesome so bad! I had the hardest time with getting this to dry and balding (which you can see on my ring and pinky finger). This was 3 coats and I lost patience to try for a 4th. It reminds me a lot of the polishes from the OPI NYC Ballet Collection, not that I own it but just from seeing swatches.

I'm going to have to give it another shot! Every polish deserves a 2nd chance! I might try doing a jelly sandwich, meh we'll see. I want to love it like every other 50+ Zoyas I own :[ this hurts my heart haha I think I got it confused with Zoya Marley, which is also another light purple.

Overall I'm okay with this box, it was worth Pippa! I almost wish I got another box combo but when I got a chance to get to the computer most of them were sold out. Thankfully I WAS able to get 2 bottles of Remove+ for pretty much BOGO :]

Did you guys order from the GMA promo? What do you think of Miley? Any suggestions? Hope you have a happy Friday! Talk to you tomorrow :D

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  1. I liked all the colors. But Miley seems to be really sheer. It's still a gorgeous color.

    1. It really is, I think I got it confused with Marley so I was expecting something else lol

  2. I love that Miley is sheer! I've been so obsessed with sheers lately! These all look great on you! Thanks for the comparison as well.

    1. Thanks <3! I just can't like sheers! AS MUCH as I want to, I don't have the patience haha

  3. Great post! Really good comparison of Shelby & Sweet.

  4. Oh I love these colours!!! :D

  5. I think Marley is like an improved version of Miley. It's not a dupe because it's pinker and has a subtle pearly shimmer, but the colors are similar, except Marley is as freakishly easy to apply as a polish can be.


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