Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ikat Nail Art

Pin It So my husband hogged the computer all morning, my charger to my HP laptop from 2006 finally gave out on me so we're down to one computer until I drop $80 on a new Macbook charger.
Sooo I grabbed a few colors on my desk and made something!

I have a bunch of screenshots of manicures I'd like to replicate or tutorials I plan attempt one day. I tried to do my horror themed nail art from "the list" but, I failed and I got frustrated haha. So I gave one of the tutorials a try! A tutorial for an Ikat print manicure, I've been wanting to try this design for a while now!

Jump over for pictures of my mani! I even included the tutorial I used :]

For this manicure I used:
- Essie Go Overboard
- Pams & Kin Monster
- Sinful Colors Black on Black
- Sinful Colors Snow Me White
- Crows Toes Bah F@#$%*G Humbug 
- Striping brush
- Out the Door top coat (DIDN'T SMEAR MY WHITE THIS TIME! YAY!)

I was really enjoying the colors I used :] BUTTTTTTTTTT Crows Toes Bah F@#$%*G Humbug staring at me and uhh, it's GLITTER.

Weeeeeee! How fun! Glitter makes it all better ;]

Here's the tutorial I used from the wonderful Casey from Instagram, @dulllikeglitter:

When I was done, I realized my manicure matched my sweater from yesterday, how funny haha:

Hope you enjoyed this little nail art from me! What do you think? You should give the Ikat manicure a try, it's easy and fun looking! If I try this again, I think a lighter background would be a better idea lol and possibly a few more "lines".

Check out yesterday's post for a swatch of Pams & Kim Monster.



  1. Oh wow! That came out great! :D

  2. Wow this is so awesome! It looks so good :) :)

  3. These came out SO beautiful!! Love them awesome job! :D

  4. Love it! Nice job. I am so not brave enough to try some of these cute nail arts

    1. You should should try! Nothing to lose! :D

  5. Love it! Especially with the glitter, of course!

  6. This is so so pretty! Love the glitter!

    Jazz x

  7. It looks great. I'd skip the glitter, but it looks nice with it too. I might give this mani a go.

  8. Woah agreed! The colors you used are flawless! Especially when you added that glitter ;)


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