Friday, June 15, 2012

COLOR CLUB The Take Wing Collection: Metamorphosis

Pin It Happy Friday evening! Today I have Metamorphosis from Color Club's recent Take Wing Collection! I won it in a giveaway and I was super happy because it was the one color from the collection I wanted!

Pictures, dupe comparisons and review after the break!

This polish is so pretty! Metamorphosis is a gorgeous teal jelly polish packed with tons of shimmer! In the bottle it also has a duochrome effect that flashes pink, violet and gold. Yum! Below I have tons of pictures for you guys, including a possible dupe!

I was kind of sad that the duochrome effect doesn't transfer on the nail. Rolling the bottle around it has such a gorgeous pink and violet shift with a tiny bit of gold. If you play around a bit with your hand, you can get it to show up but it's kinda difficult, as you can see below:

Attempt #1 to show the duochrome in Color Club Metamorphosis. 

You can see the violet color in the bottle in the picture above. I kinnnnnnnnnnd of got a picture of it on the nail:

Attempt #2 to show the duochrome in Color Club Metamorphosis. 

A little blurry, I apologize. It was the ONLY way I could get the duchrome to photograph. I was moving my hand up and down, up and down, towards the light, away from the light to get it to show up. The duochrome does not show up when you look at it straight on. So the above picture is my hand in the air near my bathroom light hahaha! And that was the most of the duochrome I saw on my nail! :[ Sad day.

And here are some swatches of the color on its own. It really is a pretty color! I love how it reflects light!

Color Club Metamorphosis, 2 coats

Color Club Metamorphosis, 2 coats

Color Club Metamorphosis, 2 coats

Color Club Metamorphosis, 2 coats

Isn't it pretty!? The one thing that I was disappointed by is that it wasn't as opaque as I was hoping for. My swatches are 2 coats and  you can still see my nail line on my middle finger quite a bit. I could of used a 3rd coat, or maybe even layering it over a similar color would look good too! It had a decent drying time and it had a smooth application. I don't think I've met a Color Club polish with a bad formula, yet. I need to order more Color Club polishes soon! Maybe next Transdesign haul ;]

So after swatching this and staring intently at my nails for 10 minutes I realized "HEY! This kind of looks like Milani Key West!" Thus the comparison below occurred!

Color Club Metamorphosis: middle, pinky. Milani Key West: pointer, ring.

Color Club Metamorphosis: middle, pinky. Milani Key West: pointer, ring.

As you can see they are SIMILAR but not the same. Key West seems to have more blue while Metamorphosis has more green. They have the same kind of shimmery finish but Key West is more opaque than Metamorphosis. Key West doesn't have any sort of duochrome in it, not even in the bottle. Looking at them up close and personal it's easy to see the difference. But at an arms length I couldn't tell to be honest. Here's a picture with my hand on my hip, I can't even tell here!

Hmm which is Color Club Metamorphosis and which is Milani Key West?!

See what I mean? Haha ;] So I think this is the case again of "you don't need one if you have the other", or at least that's how I see it. If I had to choose? I'd take Milani Key West over the sad attempt of an amazing duochrome that Color Club Metamorphosis could of been haha. No offence Color Club, it's a gorgeous polish I just wish that duochrome transferred SOOOO BAD!

What do you think? Would you buy both? Would you only buy one? Which one? 

Until tomorrow,


  1. Awesome post! The color is really pretty. It also reminds me of Jesse Girl - Glee, which is a dupe of an Essence!

    1. Is it?! I've seen it but I never remember what it looks like ahaha good to know!

  2. This is so beautiful even without the duochrome effect :)

  3. I just got this the other day. Had no idea it had a duochrome in it. Too bad it kinda sucks lol

  4. If I remember correctly (haven't worn this in a while), the duochrome is more visible with 3 or 4 coats...and in the sunlight. Artificial light doesn't make it show up as well.


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