Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Pin It Good evening! Tonight I have 2 polishes to show you guys!

The purple Cosmetic Arts (Color Club) polish is from a Creative Nail Fun swap with Enjeliqua of Mani Curiously! The glitter polish, Rio, I purchased from Nostalgic Lacquer! Yummy swatches ahead!

First up, a gorgeous glitter bomb bottle shot of Rio by Nostalgic Lacquer!

Yum! I decided to layer it over the Cosmetic Arts polish I got in the swap. Here's a swatch of that on it's own!

What a pretty purple! I honestly would of never picked this out on my own! AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Haha. This was 2 smooth coats, I had no issues with it. I hate how there are never any names on these polishes :[  and "11129" doesn't help me much either hahah... anyways! This is a very pretty violet purple with almost a frosty like finish - but not TOO frosty to where you can see the brush strokes. AHH I just love this so much more than I thought I would! Good pick, E :]

I decided Rio was the perfect top coat for "11129" (lmfao), so I slapped it on!

I love the mix of glitter in this! AND THIS was one coat! Impressive :] Rio is packed with silver, blue, purple, light blue violet glitter. Most are medium sized hex but the purple and light blue glitter are small hex. I was really impressed with the coverage and mix of this glitter. Such pretty colors! I bet this would look pretty cool over a green! :]

I think this def. makes up for the issues I had with Duckie the other day! What do you think?

You can find the most information about Nostalgic Lacquer on Erin's Facebook. Each bottle sells for $9.75. The Cosmetics Arts polishes - as far as I know - can be found at Ross stores!

Until tomorrow,

PS: I'm now getting caught up on comments :] <3 I haven't been ignoring y'all - swear!


  1. So glad you love the purple more than you thought lol. I thought it looked pretty in the bottle but the swatch shows it even better!! Lovely glitter topping too :) xo E

    1. Thanks for choosing it! Sometimes I'm too scared to try purples hahah

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