Saturday, June 16, 2012

CULT NAILS The Fairy Tale Collection

Pin It Today I skipped my planned post (again) to show you The Fairy Tale Collection by Cult Nails! I got it in the mail yesterday and had to share the "oooh,ahhh"s!

Who doesn't love bottle shots?!

First is Evil Queen. This polish is red. Red, red, red creme polish! It does also have some pink undertones haha. This is so bright, yummy and red! It's soooo gorgeous! I usually skip reds because it always seems "been there done that", SO glad to have this one! This was 3 coats and a great formula! I've never had issues with Cult's formula.

Cult Nails Evil Queen

Second, Feelin' Froggy. I'm a sucker for greens. However, I don't have a kelly green as gorgeous as this one! Such a beautiful green color with tons of lighter green shimmer all through. Ahhh, after my heart, this polish. This was 2 super smooth coats.

Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy

Cult Nails Feelin' Froggy

Next, my favorite in the collection, Princess. An awesome dusty light blue creme with absolutely BRILLIANT copper/gold shimmer.

Cult Nails Princess

I just love this so much, it's so pretty on the nail and the shimmer transferred so well. I couldn't photograph it though :[ so here is a close up of the great shimmer within the bottle:

Cult Nails in the bottle, look at that shimmer!

Yum. That is all. Princess was 2 perfect coats on the nail. :]

Next is Charming. This might be my second fave. It's so stunning, I won't lie. If you're familiar with Wet n Wild on a trip, it's very similar sort of purple. BUT it has this gorgeous bright purple shimmer when the light hits it! It is a jelly polish so, I swatched with 3 coats.

      Cult Nails Charming

Cult Nails Charming
In the future I will use In a Trip as a base:

Cult Nails Charming over Wet n Wild On a Trip

Cult Nails Charming over Wet n Wild On a Trip

Nearly a perfect match and I don't have to waste my beautiful Cult polish! ;) a great purple polish, for sure!

Last but not least is Happy Ending. I swatched it over the other colors in the collection. This was 2 coats of an awesome shredded polish! I'm loving the colors! Light blue, orange, gold and pink foily pieces! I'm such a fan of shredded polishes after the Lacquistry!

Cult Nails Happy Ending

You can find these beautiful Cult polishes on Maria's website,! They retail at $10/bottle.

See anything you have to have? 

Until Monday,

PS: I bought these with my own money! Well... my husband's money... which is technically mine lmfao!


  1. Princess is my favorite!
    Your PS at the end=LMFAO!

  2. Got mine in today's mail :-) Princess and Evil Queen are my favorites. I'm so in love with Cult Nails.


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