Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ORLY: Fowl Play

Pin It Ahhhhhhh! I think this is the latest I've ever done a post! We looked at apartments again today *sigh*

Any who! Today I have a polish I got off Copius for $2! Orly Fowl Play. I've been wanting this pretty for awhile and at $2 I couldn't pass it up!

Look at that flakie goodness! Yeah I'm late to the party but, better late than never! Especially with this polish :] jump over for more!

Ok so you saw the above bottle shot, now here's a more detailed one:

Ooooohhhh ahhhhh!!!! Look at that! LOOK AT THISE FLAKIE COLORS! Green, yellow, orange, red, royal blue - holy gorgeous!

I won't keep the swatches from you any longer hehe:

I think that's good enough haha. I was trying to show y'all how well those flakies transfer on the nail! Not to mention the beautiful silver shimmer this polish has! You should see it in the sun! Oh wait... You can ;]

See!! Shiny! I told YOUUU :]

Anyway! Besides the mad shimmer this polish has and the crazy awesome flakies, I was surprised to discover that it wasn't a black polish! Pleasantly surprised that Fowl Play is a dark, dark, dark purple jelly polish! Oh what fun! ;]

I did 3 coats and it covered quite nicely, went on smooth and created a unique jelly flakie sandwich!

I got this polish in Copius for $2. You can sign up Here and get a $10 credit for signing up and get polish for as low as a penny! (I also got an OPI for a penny!). I've also seen this on Transdesign!

I hope you enjoyed this polish! I'll talk to you guys Thursday! My husband is getting shoulder surgery tomorrow >.<

Until next time,


  1. I loooove Fowl Play. I was so psyched when they added it to the core collection! I wore it for a whole week the first time I put it on -- basically until it started chipping off, lol.

    1. Its so much prettier than I thought it would be!! I just took it off :[ I wish I didn't but a girls got polish to wear!

  2. This polish is one of my favourites! I started my blog with it, but I should do it again. My photos werent too good at the time. xD

  3. Haha! I think that all the time with my swatches! You should, this polish deserves more attention!

  4. I got this at Sallys today, I just couldn't resist those rainbowy flakes! So fun thanks for sharing Lacey


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