Saturday, June 30, 2012

ULTA: Navy Sealed with a Kiss Collection

Pin It Hello my lovelies! Today I have a super awesome mini set from Ulta *shivers at the thought of minis!*. The BEST PART?! It's NAVY related! WOOHOO!

Ulta Navy Sealed with a Kiss 4 Piece Mini Nail Lacquer Collection

Swatches and review to follow, and hmmm rumors of a giveaway???!

Here's a quick close up of the lovely colors in their package!

L->R: Sailor Boy, Reel Nauti, Star Board, and Love Letters

Now I don't have an issue with minis,I just don't like minis haha, they make my collection look all outta whack on the shelf :[ BUT, I had to have them since they were Navy related and I'm a US Navy wife :]

Onto the swatches and enough of my haha:

 Ulta Love Letters

Holy red! I mean seriously you wanna creme red? You got a creme red polish, Love Letters! This was a freaking ONE COATER! The application was flawless and smooth ANDDDDDD super opaque! This was the FIRST Ulta polish I had ever painted on my fingers and I was pretty dang impressed. But seriously, this polish is RED!

Ulta Star Board

Star Board was one of my favorites from the four pack. This was 2 smooth, non-streaky coats! Star Board is a very shimmery, foil polish and is a mix of champagne and gold in color. (It looks a little bit more gold on my screen - not sure if that's how it's coming across for y'all but it isn't a true gold polish). Oh, and my husband called it "sparkly sand" then said he could be a polish namer - HA! Sparkly sand...

Ulta Reel Nauti
Reel Nauti is a super pretty dark navy creme polish. You can really see the blue in it when the light hits it. I really like this Navy in comparison to the many-a navy colored polishes I have! This was 2 coats, smooth and great formula.

Ulta Sailor Boy

Sailor Boy is a true sky blue creme polish. This was the only one I had issues with, it took 3 coats to even it out, I also had some balding. I do like this color a lot, it really pops on the nail without being too in your face!

Overall, for this being the first time trying Ulta's polishes: I was pretty impressed with the quality. I haven't gotten the chance to give them a wear test YET. I wish this was a full sized collection (do they even do those? haha) because all these colors are GORGEOUS! 

You can pick up the set for $7.99 at your local Ulta. OR you can grab it online, here, at Either way, don't forget your 20% off coupon! You ALSO get free shipping at $25. Also, if you are ordering online: have you signed up for Ebates? You earn 4% back in CASH if you shop through Ebates. You can sign up, here (my referral link :] )

ORRRRRRRRRRRR You can have a chance to win the extra Collection I picked up! Once my Facebook reaches 550 likes, I'm going to put these babies in a giveaway for you guys! Well... not these haha, I have a fresh pack of brand new minis for you! Sooooo, if you haven't already, go like my Facebook page!

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