Tuesday, June 26, 2012

CHINA GLAZE [On Safari Collection]: Khalahari Kiss & Exotic Encounters

Pin It Yay it's almost Wednesday! Almost half way through the week! :D I have 2 polishes from China Glaze's new On Safari Collection! I want more but I had to compromise somewhere ;]

China Glaze Khalahari Kiss (left) and Exotic Encounters (right)

How awesome are those colors? Swatches to follow!

I want 5 more from the collection but these 2 will do for now! These were the top 2 colors that appealed to me the most, especially Exotic Encounters - I'm a sucker for greens! <3

First swatch is of Khalahari Kiss!

China Glaze Khalahari Kiss

Khalahari Kiss is a light, sand brown creme polish. I'm not 100% sure I like how this looks on me (could be for whatever reason my fingers looking red?) I did 2 coats and it was pretty much flawless and smooth! I always forget how much I love China Glaze formulas, I need to buy more.

Next is Exotic Encounters:

China Glaze Exotic Encounters

This is my favorite out of the two. What a lovely color! It is described as "lush green crème with blue undertones", which is probably why I love it! This was again 2 coats, smooth and flawless! I can see this coming in hand for nail art and stamping :]

I hope you liked these swatches, I grabbed these 2 colors from Transdesign a few weeks ago. I'm still really wanting Desert Sun, Elephant Walk, I'm Not Lion and Manhunt. :]

Until tomorrow,


  1. Gorgeous colors! I'm was on the fence about getting Kalahari Kiss but I don't own anything like it so I guess I'll try it out!

  2. These are really great colors. OR maybe they just look really great on you. ;) Do you have a lot of CG colors? Do you ever find they take a long time fully drying? Just curious.

    1. Bahaha <33 I have 20ish I think. I never have a hard time with them drying, at least I can't remember!

  3. Thanks for sharing your swatches! I just placed an order with Transdesign...they've got some great deals! I actually ended up getting the Safari colors you like, except for Manhunt. I'm really liking this collection! ;-)

    1. Very welcome ;] LOVE Transdesign! Ahhh, those are great colors! Haha I'm a sucker for blues so I gotta have it :P

  4. I had to draw the line on this collection too or I'd have snapped up the whole thing--and these are the two I was looking forward to the most! Okay, them and the glitters...;)

    1. hahaha! I wish I could have the whole thing too! the more swatches I see the more I want :[


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